Free Speech
Press freedom after Charlie Hebdo

Press freedom after Charlie Hebdo

Watch Brendan O’Neill and Michael Moynihan discuss the future of the press.

On 15 October, spiked and the Newseum Institute in Washington, DC, held a conference, in partnership with the Alliance Defending Freedom and supported by the Acton Institute, called the ‘The First Amendment in the 21st Century’.

Speakers from across the globe gathered to explore the troubles afflicting three of the core First Amendment freedoms – speech, press and religion.

Below is the video and podcast of the second debate, titled ‘Press freedom after Charlie Hebdo: should there be any limits to offensiveness?’.

After the Charlie Hebdo massacre, is the press being silenced by the easily offended? What are the different threats to press freedom in the US and Europe? And how can we grapple with them?

In this session, two no-holds-barred editors offered an entertaining restatement of the value of press freedom today.


Speakers: Brendan O’Neill, editor of spiked; and Michael Moynihan, columnist at the Daily Beast and host of the Vice News show The Business of Life.

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