About spiked

Launched in 2001, as Britain’s first online-only current-affairs mag, spiked is a metaphorical missile against misanthropy.

It’s the publication that puts the case for human endeavour, intellectual risk-taking, exploration, excellence in learning and art, and freedom of speech with no ifs and buts, against the myriad miserabilists who would seek to wrap humans in red tape, dampen down our daring, restrain our thoughts, and police our speech.

spiked is a fan of reason, liberty, progress, economic growth, choice, conviction and thought experiments about the future, and not so big on eco-miserabilism, identikit politicians, nostalgia, dumbing down and determinism.

We echo Saint-Simon, who said: ‘The golden age, which a blind tradition has always placed in the past, is really in front of us.’ spiked is all about laying the ground for, and having a pop at the enemies of, that still-to-come golden age for humankind.

Edited by Brendan O’Neill, and run by a tiny team of underpaid staff, spiked publishes Monday to Friday, covering everything from politics and war to sex, sport and art. Meet the team below.

Brendan O’Neill - editor
Brendan has been editor of spiked since 2007. He is also a columnist for the Big Issue in London and for the Australian in Sydney. He blogs for the Daily Telegraph and writes for the Spectator and runs a personal website here.
Read Brendan’s author archive.

Viv Regan - managing editor
Viv was previously co-director of WORLDwrite, a hardcore charity that demands ‘Ferraris for all’ and which runs online citizen-TV channel WORLDbytes. She also runs the Young Journalists’ Academy which was started by spiked and is now a thriving independent programme that offers free opportunities for state-school students to break into journalism.

Tom Slater - deputy editor
Tom joined the spiked team in September 2013. Besides writing weekly, Tom also runs our campaign Down with Campus Censorship! and the Free Speech University Rankings. Tom is also a regular contributor to the Spectator, the Telegraph and Time Out. Follow him on Twitter: @Tom_Slater_
Read Tom’s author archive.

Mick Hume - editor-at-large
Mick was founding editor of spiked and has written widely, most notably as a columnist for The Times. He is author of There is No Such Thing as a Free Press… And We Need One More Than Ever.
Read Mick’s author archive.

Patrick Hayes - publishing consultant and columnist
Patrick advises on spiked’s business development and strategy, alongside writing a weekly column on everything from the future of tribes to free speech on Facebook.
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Martyn Perks - design director
Martyn has been spiked’s design director since its inception way back in 2000 – making him one of the internet’s longest-serving designers ever! Always a keen observer of trends without being a slave to them, Martyn continues to develop spiked’s online presence. When not designing, he regularly contributes to spiked and many other publications as a critical voice against attempts to use design and technology for political and authoritarian ends. More recently, he has formed his own management consultancy called thinking apart that helps businesses innovate and remain ahead of the competition.

Want to write for us?

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