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Spiked 24 September 2018

‘Everyone on Earth is part of my world. They belong to me’

Lionel Shriver on art, freedom and the nonsense of ‘cultural appropriation’.

Tim Black 24 September 2018

Bono can’t give the EU a soul

U2 have tried, and failed, to give our technocratic age meaning.

The misanthropy of the Stanford prison experiment

We have uncritically bought the idea that we’re all one step from barbarism.

Brendan O’Neill 21 September 2018

Salzburg: the humiliation of British democracy

The EU might find May frustrating, but it’s us voters they really despise.

Joanna Williams 21 September 2018

Germaine Greer: hardly a heretic

On Rape buys into much of today’s misanthropic feminism.

spiked 21 September 2018

How #MeToo became a political weapon

The team discuss Brett Kavanaugh, the rise of the ‘democratic socialists’ and the fall of the Lib Dems.

Spiked 21 September 2018

‘There is no great socialist ferment in the Democratic Party’

Michael Tracey on the democratic-socialist hype and Trump’s embattled administration.

Ieuan Joy 21 September 2018

The Croydon Cat Killer: a modern urban myth

Why do such obviously ludicrous stories grip the imagination?

Brendan O’Neill 20 September 2018

Ian Buruma: victim of Sexual McCarthyism

The ousting of the NYRB editor confirms MeToo is now a witch-hunt.

Andrew Doyle 20 September 2018

The stupidity of modern anti-racism

Smearing everyone who disagrees with you as far right only helps the far right.

Tom Slater 20 September 2018

The PC police, literally

The British police have become the armed wing of offence culture.

Fraser Myers 20 September 2018

The fall of Elon Musk

It is Musk’s reputation that is harmed most by his mad tweets.

Ella Whelan 19 September 2018

Now we know: the EU was lying about Ireland

Brussels whipped up fears about the Irish border to bash Brexit.

Luke Gittos 19 September 2018

Let’s be honest about suicide

Suicide is not the grave threat to young men that activists claim it is.

Christian Butler 19 September 2018

A glamorous and ugly movie

Crazy Rich Asians is dumb and cruel, even by rom-com standards.

Spiked 18 September 2018

Introducing... The Brendan O’Neill Show

Our editor’s new monthly podcast kicks off this Sunday with Lionel Shriver.

Tim Black 18 September 2018

Russian athletes: beyond redemption?

Why Russian athletes will always be tarnished in the eyes of the West.

Lucy Harris 18 September 2018

Why Brexitphobes are crap campaigners

Their instinct is to hector rather than listen and persuade.

Rob Lyons 18 September 2018

Tom Watson’s dodgy diet advice

He did well to shed seven stone. If only he’d now shed the fearmongering.

Tom Slater 17 September 2018

The casual tyranny of the second-referendum set

Rearguard Remainers are unabashed authoritarians.

Phil Mullan 17 September 2018

The crash 10 years on

A decade later, maybe we’ll finally learn the lessons of the meltdown.

Frank Furedi 17 September 2018

How ‘gender neutrality’ could screw up the next generation

There’s nothing progressive about asking kids to choose their gender.

Spiked 14 September 2018

Westminster’s war on the web

The spiked team talks online hate speech, Tory Brexit divisions and the Serena sexism row.

Patrick West 14 September 2018

Exiting the EU cult

The EU is terrified that other member states will follow Britain.

Spiked 14 September 2018

‘Facebook groups are not full of hate’

Jamie Bartlett on how the Online Forums Bill threatens internet freedom.

Alexander Adams 14 September 2018

Into The Valley of the Fallen

Carlos Rojas’ newly translated 1978 novel continues to shed light on Spain’s dark history.

Brendan O’Neill 13 September 2018

Serena, that cartoon and the truth about bigotry

The defenders of Serena Williams have been far more bigoted than her critics.

Neil Davenport 13 September 2018

Why students *heart* Stalin

Championing the gulags comes all too easy to today’s campus crusaders.

Daniel Ben-Ami 13 September 2018

Crashed: no light at the end of the tunnel

Ten years on, the financial crisis is still being misunderstood.

Frank Furedi 12 September 2018

The EU’s shameful crusade against Hungary

Hungary is being punished for one reason only: it takes its sovereignty seriously.

Mick Hume 12 September 2018

‘Get Boris?’ It’s another backdoor plan to stop Brexit

Time for the Tory ‘civil war’ to be honestly fought in the open.

It is now a thoughtcrime to criticise transgenderism

Professors are being blacklisted for questioning the trans ideology.

Fraser Myers 11 September 2018

#MeToo and the end of redemption

Olivia Munn is wrong to try to destroy an ex-offender’s career.

Ella Whelan 11 September 2018

Stop using women to try to kill off Brexit

Women for a People’s Vote is a cynical, misanthropic movement.

Steve Bremner 11 September 2018

Down with compulsory calorie‑counting!

Now the government wants to lecture us when we eat out.

Frank Furedi 10 September 2018

Why Sweden’s populist moment matters

The rise of the Sweden Democrats is a blow to Europe’s elites.

Patrick West 10 September 2018

Serena was no victim of racism or sexism

What we really saw was a rich person intimidating a person of lesser standing.

Tim Black 10 September 2018

Sisi: the West’s favourite dictator

Egypt is further away than ever from the aspirations of the Arab Spring.

spiked 7 September 2018

The stupidity of banning Bannon

The spiked team talks Steve Bannon, Labour anti-Semitism and the new Nike ad.

Patrick West 7 September 2018

What Nike and Nietzsche have in common

Both preach that it is better to ‘just do it’ than to believe in something.

Spiked 7 September 2018

‘Swedish politicians have abandoned the nation’

Historian Lars Tragardh on the rise of the Sweden Democrats.

Tom Slater 6 September 2018

The New Yorker’s Steve Bannon self‑own

He calls the media snowflakes. And what do they do? Ban him.

Mick Hume 6 September 2018

Governor of the Bank of Anti-Brexit

Mark Carney’s self-reappointment sums up what Leave voters revolted against.

Ella Whelan 6 September 2018

Stella Creasy’s war on thoughtcrime

Criminalising misogyny would be an affront to free thought.

Corbynistas, please don’t lecture us about free speech

This censorious movement only cares about the freedom to have a dig at Israel.

Brendan Chilton 5 September 2018

What happened to old Labour?

We have completely lost touch with the people we are meant to serve.

Christian Butler 5 September 2018

Spike Lee v the Klan

BlacKkKlansman is the work of a director who revels in complexity.

Gareth Sturdy 5 September 2018

Stop scaring kids stiff about bullying

Schools are safer environments than ever before.