February 2001

Kirk Leech Wednesday 7 February 2001 comments

'This sanctuary is a prison'

Tribals living in the Shoolpaneshwar sanctuary in Gujarat, India, find they are treated worse than animals.

Mick Hume Thursday 8 February 2001 comments

For fewer laws, not more

Brendan O’Neill Friday 9 February 2001 comments

Me and My Vote: Claire Rayner and Virginia Ironside

Claire Rayner and Virginia Ironside, the UK's leading agony aunts, worry about who to vote for at the general election.

Ann Furedi Tuesday 13 February 2001 comments

Catching chlamydia

We should treat chlamydia as a fact of modern life.

Brendan O’Neill Wednesday 28 February 2001 comments

'New hedonism': flipside to fear

Is the post-11 September 'new hedonism' a slap in the face to the culture of fear?