June 2008

Wendy Savage Monday 2 June 2008 comments

Stop doctoring the statistics on abortion

Claims that gynaecologists’ moral objections are pushing ‘late’ abortions outside the NHS are greatly exaggerated.

Suzy Dean Monday 2 June 2008 comments

Raising a glass to freedom of choice

Suzy Dean of the Manifesto Club reports on Saturday’s drunken anti-Boris party on the London Underground.

Frank Furedi Monday 2 June 2008 comments


A British bishop’s hysterical comparison of climate change deniers to Josef Fritzl shows how zealous the hunt for modern demons has become.

James Heartfield Tuesday 3 June 2008 comments

Questioning the myth of food scarcity

World leaders are debating global hunger in Rome, yet French fishermen are giving away seafood stolen from supermarkets. What’s going on?

Dennis Hayes Tuesday 3 June 2008 comments

Freedom is not an academic discussion

The idea that British academics should boycott Israeli universities and their staff is a slap in the face to academic freedom and solidarity.

Brendan O’Neill Tuesday 3 June 2008 comments

Hillary Clinton: a man in a woman’s world

There are 1,001 reasons to hate Hillary. The fact that she’s driven and ballsy is not one of them. PLUS: Sean Collins on Democratic dysfunction.

Rob Lyons Wednesday 4 June 2008 comments

Witch-hunting smokers out of polite society

In depicting smoking as a habit of the poor or insane, UK health campaigners are demonising ‘undesirable people’.

Brendan O’Neill Wednesday 4 June 2008 comments

Boris and the ‘politics of misbehaviour’

The London mayor’s anti-booze ban and the inebriated protest against it reveal a lot about killjoyism and radicalism today.

Jennie Bristow Wednesday 4 June 2008 comments

Rule 12: An ‘action plan’ won’t stop teen drinking

The problem with teenage drinking is not their livers, but their lives: they’re sticking two blurred fingers up at today’s stifling adult culture.

Josie Appleton Thursday 5 June 2008 comments

A government u-turn we should welcome

It was a mad idea to make businesses that employ under-16 paperboys or interns submit to vetting - thank God it’s been scrapped.

Bill Durodié Thursday 5 June 2008 comments

Why ‘deradicalisation’ is not the answer

It's time Jacqui Smith realised that Islamist extremism is not a ‘foreign’ invader of Britain, but rather springs from our own bankrupt culture.

Mick Hume Thursday 5 June 2008 comments

The Fortinbras Factor

David Cameron’s Conservatives are profiting from the demise of New Labour – but there is no ‘Tory revival’.

Mick Hume Friday 6 June 2008 comments

Vet the world!

The fetish for vetting anybody who goes near ‘the vulnerable’ is becoming more perverse. Read Mick Hume’s column in The Times.

Tim Black Friday 6 June 2008 comments

Big Brother: freakshow or social experiment?

Meet the geeks, freaks, orange bodybuilders, cookie monsters and twats who make up this year’s British Big Brother.

Duleep Allirajah Friday 6 June 2008 comments

It just ain’t the same without England

‘Who will you support?’ asks the BBC in its Euro 2008 trailers. I have another question: ‘Does anyone give a monkey’s?’

Sean Collins Friday 6 June 2008 comments

Who is Barack Obama?

From Harvard to the Washington Beltway: his meteoric rise signals the triumph of shallow personality politics over Politics with a capital P.

Cheryl Hudson Monday 9 June 2008 comments

In vitro fertilisation:
the miracle of life

Continuing our debate on the best and worst of medicine, a historian nominates IVF as one of the greatest breakthroughs.

Tim Black Monday 9 June 2008 comments

A little less consultation, a bit more action please

In the run-up to a live spiked debate, Tim Black says Britain has become a world leader in dithering on nuclear power.

Frank Furedi Monday 9 June 2008 comments

Barack Obama and the politicisation of lifestyle

The most striking thing about the 2008 race for the White House is the ‘blue’ elite’s unrestrained disdain for its ‘bitter’ moral inferiors.

Para Mullan Tuesday 10 June 2008 comments

Anti-bullying therapists, you’re fired!

As The Apprentice comes to an end, let us challenge the idea that bullying bosses are making life hell for British workers.

Rob Johnston Tuesday 10 June 2008 comments

Trapped in a prison of underdevelopment

High infant mortality, crippling disease, grinding poverty: this is tribal life, as celebrated by Survival International.

Brendan O’Neill Tuesday 10 June 2008 comments

Ireland: know your place, you ungrateful wretch!

The bile-filled assault on Irish voters who are thinking of rejecting the Lisbon Treaty shows just how corrupt and undemocratic is the EU.

Brendan O’Neill Wednesday 11 June 2008 comments

Why the elite prefers Poles to proles

Praising the work ethic of immigrants has become a coded way of attacking Britain’s own white feckless ‘underclass’.

Nathalie Rothschild Wednesday 11 June 2008 comments

Immigration: attitudes are not the problem

Never mind changing ‘how the public thinks’ about immigration. How about changing immigration law?

Mick Hume Wednesday 11 June 2008 comments

The phoney 42 days war

Neither our security nor our liberty rests on whether police can detain terror suspects without charge for four or six weeks.

Rob Lyons Thursday 12 June 2008 comments

Gone, Baby, Gone: who’s fit to be a parent?

With echoes of recent high-profile child abductions, Ben Affleck’s crime drama poses a modern moral dilemma.

Josie Appleton Thursday 12 June 2008 comments

Let’s rebel against the new referees

From reality TV to school sports, faked activities controlled by outside judges have replaced real competition.

Tim Black Thursday 12 June 2008 comments

Mancunian motorists, say ‘No’ to this sin tax

The proposal for a road-pricing scheme in Greater Manchester shows what is driving today’s anti-car zealotry: distrust of the people.

Mick Hume Friday 13 June 2008 comments

What price your independence?

Adult children don’t need a mortgage to leave home, argues Mick Hume in his column in The Times (London).

Patrick West Friday 13 June 2008 comments

In an ugly world, we need ugly newsreaders

The rise of the husky-voiced, coquettish female newsreader mirrors the decline of that ‘masculine’ value: objectivity.

Duleep Allirajah Friday 13 June 2008 comments

Euro 2008: football minus the self-loathing

England’s absence means we can enjoy watching football without chattering-class panics about hooliganism and ‘bling’.

Dr Michael Fitzpatrick Friday 13 June 2008 comments

Taking a political placebo

The radical backlash against alternative medicine allows liberals to imagine a return to their glory days of fighting against ‘menaces to civilisation’.

Gerry Feehily Monday 16 June 2008 comments

‘The Irish are not fun-loving goblins’

PARIS: An Irish writer in France tells of his heated TV debates with the Sarkozian critics of Ireland’s child-like voters.

Bruno Waterfield Monday 16 June 2008 comments

‘The plan now is to quarantine Ireland’

BRUSSELS: The Brussels correspondent for the Daily Telegraph reports on the EU’s plans to forge ahead.

Kevin Rooney Monday 16 June 2008 comments

‘After all the money you got. Ungrateful b*stards’

DUBLIN: Kevin Rooney reports on the Irish elite’s fury at the ‘unspeakable’ mass who dared to reject the Treaty.

Frank Furedi Monday 16 June 2008 comments

Now it’s clear: the EU is an alien imposition in Europe

They have been libelled as an uneducated ‘horde’, yet Irish voters’ rejection of the Lisbon Treaty is a brilliant blow against the EU oligarchy.

Mick Hume Tuesday 17 June 2008 comments

Two cheers for David Davis

The Tory is hardly the historic freedom fighter claimed by some, but he looks like a hero next to the rest of the illiberal, spineless political class.

Brendan O’Neill Tuesday 17 June 2008 comments

Let’s make life harder for the state and easier for the individual

spiked’s 10-point plan for defending our legal rights in illiberal times.

Tim Black Wednesday 18 June 2008 comments

One thousand new nuclear stations?

Gordon Brown says we must go nuclear to prevent climate change - what do you say? Get tickets now for the big spiked debate on the future of energy.

Basham and Luik Wednesday 18 June 2008 comments

The perils of being big in Japan

Millions of Japanese face health ‘re-education’ if they don’t slim down - and all because of bogus claims about the dangers of a large waistline.

Rob Lyons Wednesday 18 June 2008 comments

‘It’s The Emperor’s New Clothes, with swearing’

Neil Rafferty tells spiked about creating Britain’s top satirical site, the Daily Mash, and the serious business of making fun of the elite.

Lorraine Gamman Thursday 19 June 2008 comments

Design can cut crime

The director of the Design Against Crime Centre responds to Martyn Perks’ claim that designers are bowing down to the UK government’s authoritarian agenda.

Kirk Leech Thursday 19 June 2008 comments

The way to save tigers is to farm tigers

Conservationists seem happier to restrict the lives of poor people in India than find a solution that benefits both animals and humans.

Nathalie Rothschild Thursday 19 June 2008 comments

If 42 days detention was wrong, how about 548?

A new directive allowing EU states to detain immigrants for 18 months makes Britain’s new anti-terrorism laws seem liberal.

Mick Hume Friday 20 June 2008 comments

Why I don't care if Ronaldo’s the Real thing

The Portuguese winger may be brilliant, but to this United nut, he was always more of a holiday romance than a lifelong commitment.

Patrick West Friday 20 June 2008 comments

When swearing on TV is big and clever

Relentless cursing is ignorant and unfunny, but using profanity judiciously - like Joan Rivers did this week - can be hilarious.

Josie Appleton Friday 20 June 2008 comments

Policing ‘touch’ in schools

Measures that prohibit patting a boy on the head or putting a plaster on a girl’s knee are killing the spirit of teaching and caring.

Brendan O’Neill Monday 23 June 2008 comments

Disenfranchising the people of Zimbabwe

Morgan Tsvangirai’s withdrawal from the presidential run-off is understandable – but it exposes the undemocratic dynamic to Western interference.

Tim Black Monday 23 June 2008 comments

What’s Happening to our view of humanity?

M Night Shyamalan’s latest blockbuster is an all-too-familiar lecture about the destructiveness of mankind. (Warning: spoilers ahead!)

Frank Furedi Monday 23 June 2008 comments

After the Irish ‘No’ vote: pathologising populism

The EU elites’ Mugabe-style disdain for their populist opponents only shows how cut off they are from the people of Europe.

Nathalie Rothschild Tuesday 24 June 2008 comments

Boris Johnson: London’s new PC crusader

The mayor’s sacking of a political adviser over a ‘race phrase row’ shows that he has more in common with bossy Blairites than people think.

Daniel Ben-Ami Tuesday 24 June 2008 comments

This year’s must-have fashion: pity for Indians

Recent TV documentaries exposing that Primark’s clothes are made by Indian child labourers have been nauseatingly elitist.

Peter Tatchell Tuesday 24 June 2008 comments

Homosexuality: it isn’t natural

Ignore those researchers who claim to have discovered a ‘gay gene’, says Peter Tatchell: gay desire is not genetically determined.

Tim Black Wednesday 25 June 2008 comments

Let’s unmask this travesty of justice

The use of anonymous witnesses in criminal trials is an assault on open justice and the presumption of innocence.

Dan Travis Wednesday 25 June 2008 comments

Who’s afraid of drugs in sport?

Drugs are useless in interactive sports like tennis, but they may help to extend athletes’ careers. So let’s un-ban them.

Mick Hume Wednesday 25 June 2008 comments

Zimbabwe: whose crisis is it anyway?

There can be no democratic solution until the struggle to oust Mugabe is separated from the moral posturing of the international community.

Duleep Allirajah Thursday 26 June 2008 comments

Dodgy international team? Get a Brazilian!

With Poles playing for Germany and a London boy playing for Turkey, national identities are blurred at Euro 2008.

Patrick West Thursday 26 June 2008 comments

The funny side of food and cars

You don’t have to be a foodie or petrolhead to enjoy watching the big-ego, un-PC hosts of The Supersizers Go... and Top Gear.

Helene Guldberg Thursday 26 June 2008 comments

No defender of liberty should use the libel laws

England’s law of defamation is the enemy of free speech. So why did the head of Liberty threaten a minister with a writ?

Mick Hume Thursday 26 June 2008 comments

And a little child shall lead them

Children are being educated to re-educate parents in the ways of ‘healthy living’. Read Mick Hume’s column in The Times.

Frank Furedi Thursday 26 June 2008 comments

Now you need a licence to interact with children

A new pamphlet, published today, argues that the UK government’s hysterical vetting of adults who work with kids is strangling social solidarity.

The dangerous rise of therapeutic education

In an extract from their new book, Kathryn Ecclestone and Dennis Hayes argue that the relentless introduction of emotional literacy into the school curriculum is opening young people’s minds to the policing of the authorities.

Kevin Rooney Friday 27 June 2008 comments

Depoliticising the war in Northern Ireland

With its lurid descriptions of the 'feral youth' and fat 'toothless slatterns' of Belfast, Kevin Myers’ vicious attack on Irish Republicanism is an attempt to rewrite the history of the Troubles and absolve Britain of colonial guilt.

Guy Rundle Friday 27 June 2008 comments

The myth of the ‘good war’ goes up in smoke

Nicholson Baker's historical montage has got many reviewers spitting blood, yet all he has done is remind us that the motives and behaviour of the Allies in the Second World War were often far from decent.

Nancy McDermott Friday 27 June 2008 comments

The high cost of invasive parenting advice

A striking new book argues that ‘invasive parenting’, ‘hyper parenting’ and even ‘death-grip parenting’ are turning out a nation of wimps: young adults who can’t cope without having mommy on call. Is it true – and how did it happen?

How do we break free of the rules of biology?

Chris Fernyhough has written a sometimes touching book on his daughter’s mental development in the first three years. But he fails to get to the heart of the infant’s transition from biological machine to human agent.

Sean Collins Friday 27 June 2008 comments

The truth about our
post-American world

Fareed Zakaria, author of the hot political book of the moment, is like a weather vane for America’s foreign policy establishment: his own twists and turns expose the deep disarray running through elite circles in the US.

Brendan O’Neill Friday 27 June 2008 comments

Monbiot’s metamorphosis

George Monbiot’s Kafkaesque transformation from green hysteric to ‘man of science’ shows how environmentalism is adding a gloss of ‘scientific truth’ to elite prejudices and fears.

Kenan Malik Friday 27 June 2008 comments

How both left and right are naturalising ‘racial feelings’

In this extract from his new book Strange Fruit: Why Both Sides are Wrong in the Race Debate, Kenan Malik says twenty-first century sociobiologists have turned divisive identity politics into a natural feature of the human condition.

Jennie Bristow Friday 27 June 2008 comments

Why we need a parents’ liberation movement

In this new essay Jennie Bristow traces the origin of the ‘woman question’, victim feminism, and the therapeutic state.

Tim Black Monday 30 June 2008 comments

The future of nuclear

Last week’s rowdy spiked/CMP debate pitted die-hard greens against nuclear representatives in a clash of moralities.

Neil Davenport Monday 30 June 2008 comments

Recession? Bring it on!

In the name of ‘saving the planet’, many in the chattering classes are praying for an economic slump.

Rob Killick Monday 30 June 2008 comments

Digital Malthusianism

Prior to a live spiked debate on the ‘internet crunch’, Rob Killick slams the scaremongering of those who claim the internet might soon collapse.