May 2010

Brendan O’Neill Monday 3 May 2010 comments

Unfettered freedom: the basis of the Good Society

ESSAY: Both the political elite and its critics believe there is a conflict between rights and responsibilities. They could not be more wrong.

Tim Black Tuesday 4 May 2010 comments

The ‘fresh face’ of the new elite

With his demos-dodging rise to political fame, Nick Clegg personifies the new breed of professional politician.

Brendan O’Neill Tuesday 4 May 2010 comments

Tackling the ‘madness of the majority’

Today’s campaign for proportional representation echoes the 19th-century elitists who also wanted PR.

Frank Furedi Tuesday 4 May 2010 comments

The day the political oligarchy stood exposed

‘Bigotgate’ is the most telling moment of the election, capturing the unspoken clash of values and attitudes between the rulers and the ruled.

Patrick Hayes Wednesday 5 May 2010 comments

After the Iron Curtain, the Cultural Curtain

The political class’s attacks on climate-change-denying, homophobic Eastern Europeans is dividing Europe anew.

Emily Hill Wednesday 5 May 2010 comments

You can’t blame Brown for everything

There are two problems with Brown-bashing: it’s immature and it’s making Emily Hill feel sorry for the PM.

Dr Michael Fitzpatrick Wednesday 5 May 2010 comments

Public health and the obsession with behaviour

ESSAY: Recent thinking on health policy has been driven by two myths: that bad health is caused by bad habits, and that government can promote good health by changing our behaviour.

Nathalie Rothschild Wednesday 5 May 2010 comments

The fossilisation of Rock The Vote

Youth turnout campaigns have been virtually wound up because they no longer trust that young people will vote ‘sensibly’.

Mick Hume Wednesday 5 May 2010 comments

The abstentionist elephant in the room

No one wants to talk about the problem of turnout this time — perhaps because they no longer care if millions of ‘bigots’ and proles don’t vote.

Alex Standish Thursday 6 May 2010 comments

The hypocrisy of Arizona bashing

If the Grand Canyon state’s immigration laws seem authoritarian, wait till you see what the Democrats are proposing.

Daniel Ben-Ami Thursday 6 May 2010 comments

The Greek crisis and the blame game

Greece’s woes have revealed a Euro-elite more interested in blame-shifting than tackling the economic crisis.

Bill Durodié Thursday 6 May 2010 comments

On Thailand, what would Trotsky say?

If the Thai Red Shirts want real change, they could do with reading History of the Russian Revolution.

Sean Collins Thursday 6 May 2010 comments

The trouble with ‘anti-capitalism’

ELECTION ESSAY: contemporary so-called ‘anti-capitalism’ – which is underpinned by a powerful misanthropy – is the main barrier to progress today.

Brendan O’Neill Thursday 6 May 2010 comments

Why today’s election really is momentous...

...not because it has offered us any big or inspiring ideas, but because it has confirmed the rise and rise of a new political oligarchy.

David Bowden Friday 7 May 2010 comments

Glee: camp, fun, won’t change the world

Finally a high school show that makes a song-and-dance out of Big Issues with sarcasm and lightheartedness.

Duleep Allirajah Friday 7 May 2010 comments

Yesss... we finished fourth from bottom!

Drawing at Sheffield Wednesday may not warrant an open-top bus parade, but it sure as hell felt like it should.

spiked authors Friday 7 May 2010 comments

What I did on polling day

Frank Furedi, Mick Hume, Michael Fitzpatrick and others give their first impressions of a changeable and chaotic election.

Brendan O’Neill Friday 7 May 2010 comments

The message of the polls: ‘We don’t agree with Nick’

There were many losers in the election, but none more so than the cultural elite who backed Clegg. They’ve been shockingly exposed.

Rob Lyons Monday 10 May 2010 comments

The General Election that nobody won

Let Rob Lyons take you on a guided tour of the election results and what they reveal about modern Britain.

Brendan O’Neill Monday 10 May 2010 comments

The delusions of the electoral reform lobby

spiked likes the idea of proportional representation, but we want nothing to do with today’s elitist campaign for it.

Frank Furedi Monday 10 May 2010 comments

Bad bigots and good bigots: politics after the election

Gillian Duffy was written off as a ‘bigot’ by the same liberal elite that sanctions bigotry and hatred towards its political opponents.

Brendan O’Neill Tuesday 11 May 2010 comments

Who’s afraid of teenage lads’ mags?

The Danny Dyer controversy is based on a view of working-class youth as easily brainwashed monkeys.

Tim Black Tuesday 11 May 2010 comments

For Google, privacy just doesn’t compute

Google’s blasé attitude towards people’s private lives reflects a broader cultural indifference to privacy.

Mick Hume Tuesday 11 May 2010 comments

Après Brown, le deluge?

Nobody should be sorry to see Brown go – but the elitist cliques now trying to carve up power In The National Interest would be even worse for politics.

Rob Lyons Wednesday 12 May 2010 comments

The low Horizons of modern society

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is bad, but it is not a warning from nature about mankind's hubris.

Neil Davenport Wednesday 12 May 2010 comments

The slapstick side to Islamic terrorism

Chris Morris’s depiction of jihadists as dunces who hate slags and Maccy D’s is scarily accurate.

Tim Black Wednesday 12 May 2010 comments

Ten myths about Gordon Brown

Hold on. Brown can’t just slink out of office without a final challenge to the idea that he was unspun, decisive and principled.

Brendan O’Neill Wednesday 12 May 2010 comments

If you really want ‘new politics’, step forward

The shake-up of Britain’s political system represents an opportunity for pushing new, exciting ideas into the public realm.

Basham and Luik Thursday 13 May 2010 comments

Five-a-day won’t keep the doctor away

The idea that eating fruit and veg can help to ward off cancer is repeated over and over again. Despite not being true.

Nathalie Rothschild Thursday 13 May 2010 comments

After thoughtcrime, now we have tweetcrime

The conviction of a Twitter user for posting a joke about a bomb shows how insanely paranoid officialdom has become.

Patrick Hayes Thursday 13 May 2010 comments

‘Yes we Lacan’: the revolt of philosophy students

Patrick Hayes talks to the Middlesex students who have occupied their university in defence of knowledge for its own sake.

Nancy McDermott Thursday 13 May 2010 comments

‘For trusting my daughter, I was treated as a criminal’

What’s the punishment for leaving your kids in a shopping mall for one hour? For one mum, it was probation, parenting classes, and shame.

David Bowden Friday 14 May 2010 comments

Junior Apprentice: taking yoof seriously

Watching young people being forced to account for themselves in the boardroom was strangely exhilarating.

Duleep Allirajah Friday 14 May 2010 comments

Premier League: a
billion-pound snoozefest

The last day of the Premier League season: No upsets. No banana skins. No tears. No entertainment.

Tim Black Friday 14 May 2010 comments

The real reason the bishop likes migrants

Archbishop Rowan Williams is ‘pro-immigration’ only in the sense that he hopes the arrival of foreigners will remind Britain of its core values.

Brendan O’Neill Monday 17 May 2010 comments

The humanist case against euthanasia

If you’re opposed to legalising a ‘right to die’, people assume you must be a religious crank. But not all of us are.

Stephen Bremner Monday 17 May 2010 comments

Keep quiet... there might be aliens listening

Stephen Hawking’s warning to avoid contact with extra-terrestrial life reveals his pessimism towards humanity.

Sean Collins Monday 17 May 2010 comments

Why Greece matters

The economic turmoil in southern Europe shows that, far from going away, the global financial crisis has entered a dangerous new phase.

Emily Hill Tuesday 18 May 2010 comments

Money, money, isn’t funny

The BBC’s adaptation of Martin Amis’s classic 1984 novel has none of the book’s zing, insight or fast satire.

Tim Black Tuesday 18 May 2010 comments

In defence of the right to tittle-tattle

Lord Triesman’s punishment for something he said behind closed doors shows that privacy counts for sweet FA today.

Brendan O’Neill Tuesday 18 May 2010 comments

Their politics and ours

We definitely need a ‘new politics’ today - but don’t expect it to come from the technocratic, ideology-free Liberal-Conservative government.

Nathalie Rothschild Wednesday 19 May 2010 comments

Who made the BNP into free-speech martyrs?

It is only because liberal activists have ditched the cause of freedom that the far right can claim it as its own.

Brendan O’Neill Wednesday 19 May 2010 comments

Mocking Muhammad:
a shallow Enlightenment

Of course people should be free to say ‘I shit on Muhammad’. But here’s a question: why are they so keen to say it?

Josie Appleton Wednesday 19 May 2010 comments

Defend the Republic! Ban the burqa!

When so few European women wear the full veil, why are governments falling over themselves to ban it? It’s pseudo-libertarian grandstanding.

Bríd Hehir Thursday 20 May 2010 comments

Turning clinicians into state apparatchiks

A survey asking medical staff to rate the coolness of leaders like Hitler was naff – but so is the entire ‘leadership agenda’.

Rob Lyons Thursday 20 May 2010 comments

Squeezing the joy out of ketchup

Heinz’s decision to change its ketchup recipe after 40 years is a sign of our health-obsessed, killjoy times.

Patrick Hayes Thursday 20 May 2010 comments

Want to travel abroad? Computer says ‘No’

If Nick Clegg is serious about having a bonfire of repressive laws, he might want to chuck on the e-Borders scheme.

Mick Hume Thursday 20 May 2010 comments

This ‘brave’ coalition is more like a cowardly cabal

‘People power’? Pull the other one. The UK government’s reforms signal the desperation of the new elites to insulate themselves from us.

David Bowden Friday 21 May 2010 comments

Taking refuge in a mythologised 1980s

Packed with clichés and simplistic politics, the BBC’s Eighties season revealed why liberals love that decade.

Duleep Allirajah Friday 21 May 2010 comments

Why the daggers are out for Lord Triesman

Since when did ‘wrecking England’s bid to host the 2018 World Cup’ become a treasonable offence?

Lenore Skenazy Friday 21 May 2010 comments

Take your kids to the park, and leave them there

A New York writer has caused a storm by encouraging parents to leave their kids in parks tomorrow. She tells spiked why she’s doing it.

Jason Smith Monday 24 May 2010 comments

The decline and fall of the British boozer

Beset by smoking bans, economic crisis and social disapproval, it's a wonder any pubs survive at all.

Sean Collins Monday 24 May 2010 comments

Why Mrs Europe is bashing the bankers

Angela Merkel’s unilateral decision to ban ‘short selling’ shows how deluded and divided the political class is.

Tim Black Monday 24 May 2010 comments

We must stop saying ‘The science demands...’

Top climate-change expert Mike Hulme tells spiked it is a scandal that scientific claims are increasingly usurping politics and morality.

James Heartfield Tuesday 25 May 2010 comments

Why the EU will thrive on Greece’s troubles

Merkel says the Union is in trouble, but this is pure fearmongering designed to make people toe the line.

Dr Michael Fitzpatrick Tuesday 25 May 2010 comments

Censorship is not the answer to health scares

The only way to challenge the pseudoscience of Andrew Wakefield and others is to have more debate, not less.

Frank Furedi Tuesday 25 May 2010 comments

A showtrial of children for being naughty

The conviction of two boys for attempted rape is not only a travesty of justice – it also exposes society’s screwed-up attitude towards childhood.

Tim Black Wednesday 26 May 2010 comments

An eruption of fear and irrationalism

As more facts come to light, we can finally see how crazy it was to shut UK airspace in response to the Icelandic volcano.

Patrick Hayes Wednesday 26 May 2010 comments

Prohibition, one binge drinker at a time

Britain may have a new government, but when it comes to drinking, we can expect another round of clampdowns.

Brendan O’Neill Wednesday 26 May 2010 comments

Don’t arrest Brian Haw, but don’t idolise him either

The gathering of homeless conspiracy theorists in Parliament Square isn’t a protest – it’s a public nervous breakdown.

Mick Hume Wednesday 26 May 2010 comments

Why there is Bugger All solidarity for BA strikers

The isolation and marginalisation of the doughty British Airways cabin crew looks like a sign of wider problems ahead for resisting cuts.

Duleep Allirajah Thursday 27 May 2010 comments

Welcome to the Jose Mourinho show

The Special One may be spectacularly narcissistic but, as his all-conquering Inter side showed, he’s entitled to be.

David Bowden Thursday 27 May 2010 comments

Appealing to our
inner teenage boy

US import Spartacus: Blood and Sand makes Up Pompeii! look like a work of serious classical scholarship.

Rob Lyons Thursday 27 May 2010 comments

Why the Lib-Cons are so keen on austerity

Unable to remake or reboot Britain’s economy for the twenty-first century, our leaders can only cut – and even then, they’re too timid.

James Woudhuysen Friday 28 May 2010 comments

An engaging tale, packed with myths

Christian Salmon’s book rightly notes the increasing use of narrative in modern life, but his ‘anti-capitalist’ instincts get in the way of understanding why.

Christopher Snowdon Friday 28 May 2010 comments

A ‘theory of everything’ that explains nothing

The author of The Spirit Level Delusion explains why Britain’s chattering classes were so wrong to embrace The Spirit Level and its argument that all of society’s problems are caused by inequality.

Michael Baum Friday 28 May 2010 comments

A gold standard for breast cancer treatment

In this extract from his memoirs, breast-cancer expert Professor Michael Baum shows how a new technology allowed the mysteries of an ancient artefact to be revealed and provided a cost-effective medical treatment.

Sean Collins Friday 28 May 2010 comments

The unreliability of memory

In his latest novel, the mostly hopeful story of a dying man trying to make sense of his life, Paul Auster ditches his usual formalism in favour of creating engaging characters.

Tim Black Friday 28 May 2010 comments

Bring on the locusts!

Clive Hamilton’s depressing new book makes explicit the Biblical idea that underpins environmentalism: that human beings shall be punished by floods and fire for their hubris.

Rob Lyons Friday 28 May 2010 comments

People who eat ‘junk food’ aren’t junkies

The idea that the food industry has turned us into fat, helpless beings desperate for our next fast-food fix is based on a degraded view of human beings.

Brendan O’Neill Friday 28 May 2010 comments

Radical snobbery

Comedian Mark Thomas’s ‘People’s Manifesto’ confirms that no one is more suspicious and disdainful of the masses today than the worn-out, disillusioned rump of the radical left.

Ann Furedi Friday 28 May 2010 comments

Providing myths and fables to the Godless

Far from rubbishing the Gospels, Philip Pullman brilliantly re-explores them, revisiting a question that has haunted thinkers since at least the fifth century: are Jesus and Christ two separate entities?

Daniel Ben-Ami Friday 28 May 2010 comments

The pseudo-radical war on economic growth

The ‘Sarkozy report’ on the problems with using GDP as a measure of progress reveals an elite incapable of seeing the link between economic growth and improved human welfare.