June 2010

Brendan O’Neill Tuesday 1 June 2010 comments

A right ‘Carrie On’ in the Arabian desert

The execrable Sex and the City 2 offers an accidentally fascinating insight into the crisis of American values.

Rob Lyons Tuesday 1 June 2010 comments

Let’s put the Gulf-spill crisis into perspective

To stop using fossil fuels because of one accident would make millions of people’s lives a lot harder.

Tim Black Tuesday 1 June 2010 comments

Six-and-a-half billion reasons to be cheerful

Matt Ridley, author of The Rational Optimist, tells spiked why eco-catastrophists are so wrong about humans and our impact on the planet.

Robin Walsh Wednesday 2 June 2010 comments

A ‘second chamber’ of scientific expertise

In the past priests were forever poking their noses into politics to offer ‘moral guidance’. Now scientists do the same.

Thomas Deichmann Wednesday 2 June 2010 comments

Germany and the politics of resignation

It’s a worrying sign of the times that more and more of our leaders respond to controversy by throwing in the towel.

Brendan O’Neill Wednesday 2 June 2010 comments

Gaza flotilla: invasion of the moral armada

Everyone talks about the siege of Gaza, but a more profound problem today is the intellectual, moral siege of Israel by the Respectable World.

Rob Lyons Thursday 3 June 2010 comments

We should cut off more than their handouts

The monarchy should be abolished not because it costs a lot, but because it is a spent, Middle-Ages, anti-democratic institution.

Brendan O’Neill Thursday 3 June 2010 comments

Buy an iPad, kill a Chinaman

The idea that our lust for Apple products is causing suicides is anti-capitalism of the lowest (and dumbest) variety.

Nathalie Rothschild Thursday 3 June 2010 comments

Mamma mia, what double standards

It’s a bit rich for British commentators to be outraged over Berlusconi’s ‘gag bill’. He got the idea from us.

Mick Hume Thursday 3 June 2010 comments

The Laws affair: scandal ain’t what it used to be

When a minister resigns over paying rent to his secret gay lover, it is a sure sign that political life has slipped to scandalously low levels.

David Bowden Friday 4 June 2010 comments

The US: ‘smarting up’ popular culture

The plane-crash tropical island show Lost might be over, but US drama is still taking off – and the UK should take heed.

Duleep Allirajah Friday 4 June 2010 comments

The World Cup: we believe we can flop

Behind the cheerful St George flag-waving, England fans are haunted by broken metatarsals and penalty screw-ups.

Ann Furedi Friday 4 June 2010 comments

Gospels for the Godless

Pullman’s evil-twin version of the Gospels is an intelligent investigation of an age-old question: are Jesus and Christ two separate entities?

Kevin Yuill Monday 7 June 2010 comments

Is there a Derrick Bird inside us all?

Some have responded to the Cumbria massacre by calling for the kind of gun controls beloved of the Stasi.

Nathalie Rothschild Monday 7 June 2010 comments

Rage Against The Zionist Machine

PHOTO ESSAY: A demo called ‘Rage Against Israel’ captured the apolitical, visceral nature of anti-Israel sentiment.

Brendan O’Neill Monday 7 June 2010 comments

What the Israel-bashers learned from Bush

The international campaign to brand Israel a ‘pariah state’ is a shrill echo of what President George W Bush tried to do with Iraq.

Rob Lyons Tuesday 8 June 2010 comments

Why they love the ritual of recycling

The real purpose of recycling is not to ‘save the planet’ but to remind us how wasteful and destructive we are.

Emily Hill Tuesday 8 June 2010 comments

Two Thunderbirds versus Colonel Blinky

The Labour leadership contest between Ed and David Miliband and Ed Balls is personality politics with no personality.

Wendy Kaminer Tuesday 8 June 2010 comments

Learning the lessons of the Gulf oil-gusher

Of course the BP oil spill is not merely metaphorical, but it does capture something about the un-governability of modern America.

Peter Taylor Wednesday 9 June 2010 comments

Meet the green who doubts ‘The Science’

The author of Chill explains why he’s sceptical about manmade global warming — and why greens are so intolerant.

Guy Rundle Wednesday 9 June 2010 comments

Holland versus the
un-Enlightened hordes

Guy Rundle reports from the Netherlands on how this small state has become bound up in a post-9/11 morality tale.

Mick Hume Wednesday 9 June 2010 comments

What we’ve learned from the World Cup phoney war

In the first of his World Cup columns, spiked’s editor-at-large tackles some truths behind the ceaseless chatter before the big kick-off.

Patrick Hayes Thursday 10 June 2010 comments

Smile, the EU is watching you

EU officials are pushing through a directive that would give them unprecedented access to our online search histories.

Rob Killick Thursday 10 June 2010 comments

Why cuts are not the answer to everything

Here’s a quick history lesson about the state and the market for the free-marketeers in the Lib-Con coalition.

Nathalie Rothschild Thursday 10 June 2010 comments

The Flotilla Wars: one stunt begets another

Now, Israelis plan to sail a flotilla to Turkey to ‘raise awareness’ about the plight of Kurds and Armenians. The organisers talk to spiked.

David Bowden Friday 11 June 2010 comments

A teen drama aimed at kidults

Poor Skins: it’s been trying to provoke the Establishment for years yet keeps getting lovely write-ups in the Guardian.

Duleep Allirajah Friday 11 June 2010 comments

Don’t you just hate armchair managers?

Ignore the know-nothings moaning about the exclusion of Walcott and the inclusion of Heskey. Fabio is on the ball.

Brendan O’Neill Friday 11 June 2010 comments

Radical snobbery

Comedian Mark Thomas’s ‘People’s Manifesto’ confirms that no one is more suspicious of the masses today than the rump of the radical left.

David Cowlard Monday 14 June 2010 comments

A revealing snapshot of modern society

Exposed, a new exhibition at London’s Tate Modern, raises interesting questions about photography and privacy.

Tara McCormack Monday 14 June 2010 comments

Welcome to Amnesty’s black-and-white world

The human rights group has a naive faith in ‘international justice’ and a simplistic view of high-profile conflicts.

Brendan O’Neill Monday 14 June 2010 comments

The rise and rise of the Champagne Malthusians

spiked’s editor joined the population-control lobby in a posh church in London as they quaffed ‘luxury’ drinks and fretted about overbreeding.

Nathalie Rothschild Tuesday 15 June 2010 comments

Will Generation X ever grow up?

Noah Baumbach’s Greenberg is a heartfelt film about midlife crisis and relationships amongst an angsty generation.

Patrick Hayes Tuesday 15 June 2010 comments

SCRAM: the ‘must-have’ accessory for boozy celebs

If the courts can now slap an alcohol-monitoring device on Lindsay Lohan, why not monitor everyone’s bad habits?

Frank Furedi Tuesday 15 June 2010 comments

Why I will always stand up for permissiveness

The liberal commentators now deifying Mary Whitehouse are wrong to blame Sixties experimentation for contemporary decadence.

Rob Lyons Wednesday 16 June 2010 comments

Why we need a limit on drink-drive laws

Reducing how much we can legally drink before driving is an imposition on our freedom that makes little difference to safety.

Mícheál Mac Giolla Phádraig Wednesday 16 June 2010 comments

Bloody Sunday: history reduced to psychodrama

The inquiry report into the Derry massacre rips events from their historical context: the conflict between Irish nationalists and the British state.

Tim Black Thursday 17 June 2010 comments

There’s more to innovation than cool gadgets

The launch of the iPad was treated as a Really Big Event, but IT and telecoms could do much more to transform society.

Mick Hume Thursday 17 June 2010 comments

Could we ban the endless drone of James Corden?

The chubby actor and No.1 New England Fan loves everyone except noisy, bantering, old-school supporters.

Patrick Hayes Thursday 17 June 2010 comments

BP: The dangers of going Beyond Petroleum

The world’s big energy companies need to realise that producing oil efficiently is moral purpose enough.

Sean Collins Thursday 17 June 2010 comments

Obama: the Gulf between words and deeds

Instead of all the dithering, lofty rhetoric and tough talk, the US president should be honest about the need to keep on drilling.

David Bowden Friday 18 June 2010 comments

A brief history of edgy entertainment

BBC4’s impressive Rude Britannia explored the tension between working-class fun and middle-class disapproval.

Duleep Allirajah Friday 18 June 2010 comments

Vuvuzelas: what's wrong with a horny World Cup?

The sound of killjoys lecturing fans on how to support their team is far worse than that South African instrument.

Mick Hume Friday 18 June 2010 comments

Not 1966 and all that all over again

The past weighs heavy on English football, and the current team will have to shake it off in order to succeed.

Christopher Snowdon Monday 21 June 2010 comments

The myth of the smokefree health miracle

The evidence that bans on public smoking reduce the number of heart attacks is still woefully thin.

Rob Lyons Monday 21 June 2010 comments

Addicted to oil? What a dumb idea

The oil-addiction theorists are really disgusted by the desires of stupid, greedy, uppity consumers.

Frank Furedi Monday 21 June 2010 comments

Why BP is not very slick in an emergency

When companies adhere to the rituals of risk-aversion, they lose sight of how to deal with real emergencies. Now we can see the consequences.

Mick Hume Tuesday 22 June 2010 comments

Boo to the Rooney-bashers

England’s finest footballer needs to be let off the leash, not lectured about his anger, language and beliefs.

AW Montford Tuesday 22 June 2010 comments

Climate science after the ‘hockey stick’ affair

The use and abuse of a single graph to justify action on climate change shows the need for healthy scepticism.

Jennie Bristow Tuesday 22 June 2010 comments

Sure Start: a fancy new way to police the family

Sure Start’s main achievement has been to transform the social problem of child poverty into an individual problem of poor parenting.

Rob Lyons Wednesday 23 June 2010 comments

The tyranny of the
anti-junk food crusade

The idea that thousands of lives could be saved if people stopped eating the ‘wrong’ food is pie in the sky.

Patrick Hayes Wednesday 23 June 2010 comments

A ‘toffee-nosed twit’ with wacky views

Why has an anti-logic ‘stir-fry psychobabbler’ off the TV been invited into the upper echelons of Whitehall?

Daniel Ben-Ami Wednesday 23 June 2010 comments

There is an alternative to austerity: economic growth

Neither the Budget’s authors nor the Budget-knockers have a vision for reinvigorating the economy. So here are my ideas.

Duleep Allirajah Thursday 24 June 2010 comments

Football: it’s a ‘head game’

As yesterday’s victory over Slovenia showed, England are a different team when they can play without fear.

Nathalie Rothschild Thursday 24 June 2010 comments

Protecting little Brits from the bogeyman

Home secretary Theresa May’s decision to ban a radical preacher from Britain is an insult to us all.

Sean Collins Thursday 24 June 2010 comments

Staging a mutiny in Rolling Stone magazine

General McChrystal’s anti-Obama blabbing to a hippie mag exposes the internal disarray of the US elite.

Mick Hume Thursday 24 June 2010 comments

Is it ethical to support In-ger-lund?

No, of course it isn’t - but so what? Let’s keep football out of politics.

Alex Standish Friday 25 June 2010 comments

Testing times for America’s school system

Leading educationalist Diane Ravitch rightly notes that for all the policy tinkering over how to teach and assess children, the biggest problem is the establishment’s inability to work out what they should be taught.

Tara McCormack Friday 25 June 2010 comments

A far from innocent book about European guilt

Like the Daily Express, Pascal Bruckner’s sometimes shrewd take on European weakness is not without insight, but too often it descends into neo-con cliché and blind pro-interventionism.

Nathalie Rothschild Friday 25 June 2010 comments

The dangers of international aid

Linda Polman’s War Games exposes some very big problems with aid missions in the Third World, but she ends up replacing NGOs’ black-and-white view of Africa with her own.

Tim Black Friday 25 June 2010 comments

The barbarians are copulating at the gates

Eric Kaufmann’s hysterical Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth? imagines that the crisis of Western liberalism is being brought about by fecund foreign fundamentalists.

Guy Rundle Friday 25 June 2010 comments

Hitch-22 is more interesting for what it leaves out

Halfway through the memoirs of British leftist turned Bush-supporter Christopher Hitchens, the political narrative just falls apart. That’s fitting, argues Guy Rundle.

Rob Lyons Friday 25 June 2010 comments

Down with the

With its intriguing reading of history and its positive approach to the future, Matt Ridley’s The Rational Optimist is a breath of fresh air in today’s smog of misanthropy.

Brendan O’Neill Friday 25 June 2010 comments

The shallow socialism of hating Michael O’Leary

As evidenced in a new collection of his ‘wit and wisdom’, the cocky Ryanair boss both embarrasses his fellow capitalists and annoys the hell out of anti-capitalists.

Sean Collins Friday 25 June 2010 comments

Why more really is more

For centuries, economic growth and mass prosperity were understood to be highly desirable, yet today these social objectives are under siege. Daniel Ben-Ami’s new book is a clarion call to begin a counter-offensive.

Simon Davies Monday 28 June 2010 comments

Google has become an imperialist beast

Simon Davies of Privacy International on why the internet giant keeps infringing people’s privacy.

Peter Barron Monday 28 June 2010 comments

Privacy is a priority. Our business depends on it

Peter Barron, Google’s communications chief, says his company ‘bakes privacy’ into all its products.

Brendan O’Neill Monday 28 June 2010 comments

Afghanistan: the politics of PR by other means

Recent events confirm that the Western powers’ main motivation in Afghanistan is not to ‘save the Afghan people’, but to save face.

Brendan O’Neill Tuesday 29 June 2010 comments

Africans: such childlike, spirited footie fans!

The idea that all Africans have a ‘rainbow continent’ duty to support Ghana in the World Cup is patronising guff.

Tiffany Jenkins Tuesday 29 June 2010 comments

Arts funding has never been a pretty picture

Shrill anti-BP campaigners don’t realise that state funding for the arts is more problematic than money from Big Oil.

Mick Hume Tuesday 29 June 2010 comments

England loses game – and all sense of perspective

Turning the defeat by Germany in a football match into a metaphor for society's ills is an even more risible spectacle than the England team.

Rob Lyons Wednesday 30 June 2010 comments

Is the climate around global warming changing?

Monday’s Panorama was the BBC’s most balanced look yet at the real ambiguities of climate science and policy.

Patrick Marmion Wednesday 30 June 2010 comments

Welcome to Thebes: Africa as Western myth

Moira Buffini’s myth-inspired play about Western intervention would have been better based on the story of Narcissus.

Tim Black Wednesday 30 June 2010 comments

Criminalising the rough and tumble of politics

The conviction of a black Bristol City councillor who called an Asian colleague a ‘coconut’ is a serious assault on free speech and democracy.