April 2011

Angus Kennedy Friday 1 April 2011 comments

That paradox just isn’t subversive anymore

Artist Patrick Hughes fills his book Paradoxymoron with self-contradictory gems and enjoyably vicious circles – but are his paradoxes as radical as he thinks?

Neil Davenport Friday 1 April 2011 comments

Calling time on London’s counterculture

London Calling is a riotous recollection of Soho and the West End during a period when London was less sanitised, less regulated and a lot more liberated.

Patrick Hayes Friday 1 April 2011 comments

There’s more to being an adult than biology

Kay Hymowitz’s assault on men who seem incapable of growing up is well aimed, but her recourse to human biology as the source of adulthood makes for miserable reading.

Tim Black Friday 1 April 2011 comments

The mainstream is so last year

James Harkin’s new book reveals what the rise of niche marketing represents: a growing trend for expressing one’s identity, and superiority, through consumption choices.

Rob Lyons Friday 1 April 2011 comments

Nuclear energy: clean, reliable and powerful

Physicist Wade Allison says he wants to alleviate fears about nuclear. Trouble is, his warnings against catastrophic climate change sound just as alarmist as the nuke panic.

Nathalie Rothschild Friday 1 April 2011 comments

The girl who hated commercialisation

Eva Gabrielsson’s biography, Millennium, Stieg & I, is a bitter invective against profiteers from the ‘Stieg Larsson industry’ – yet it is also guilty of chipping away at the deceased author’s privacy.

Jennie Bristow Friday 1 April 2011 comments

Women: equal at work, still unequal at home?

Christina Hopkinson’s sparkly new novel has been read as a privileged mum’s moan about cleaning. In fact it raises more than a few awkward questions about domestic drudgery.

Sean Collins Friday 1 April 2011 comments

Reason versus emotion? It’s a false dichotomy

With its elevation of intuition over reason and the unconscious mind over rational thought, David Brooks’ new book is an explicit attack on Enlightenment values. It’s time we defended rationalism and passion.

Brendan O’Neill Monday 4 April 2011 comments

Killing Bono: on the wrong side of history

However much serious rock critics fantasise that U2 were rebellious rockers, the truth is ‘the kids’ rejected them.

Ben Pile Monday 4 April 2011 comments

Fukushima: why greens turned on each other

The reaction to events in Japan shows that fear – of climate change or radiation – trumps old solidarities.

Tim Black Monday 4 April 2011 comments

Defending libraries against cuts? It’s too little, too late

Where were today’s champions of libraries in the 1990s, when philistine New Labour was emptying those venerable institutions of all their worth?

Justine Brian Tuesday 5 April 2011 comments

It’s time to declare war on terroir

Banning anyone outside Cornwall from making Cornish pasties promises to crimp the life out of food culture.

Rob Lyons Tuesday 5 April 2011 comments

Keeping the poor in the dark

New World Bank rules restricting support for coal-fired power stations will confine millions to poverty.

Mick Hume Tuesday 5 April 2011 comments

The other Libyan war looks like a stalemate, too

None of the international players competing for influence in this crisis has the will to run an air war, never mind re-colonise Libya.

Patrick Hayes Wednesday 6 April 2011 comments

Taking easy pops at the English Defence League

The online mockery of a young EDL member speaks volumes about liberals’ contempt for the white working classes.

Tim Black Wednesday 6 April 2011 comments

Frankie Boyle: the bastard child of Ofcom

Ofcom creates precisely the stifling conditions in which an unfunny misanthrope like Boyle can flourish.

Brendan O’Neill Wednesday 6 April 2011 comments

Northern Ireland: a zombie IRA and zombie government

The killing of Ronan Kerr exposes both the moral turpitude of republican dissidents and the opportunism of Northern Ireland's rulers.

James Howell Thursday 7 April 2011 comments

Okay, it's time to put interning in perspective

A former spiked intern has a message for his fellow jobbing students: internships are not a form of slave labour.

Nathalie Rothschild Thursday 7 April 2011 comments

A very UN-helpful report on the Gaza War

In the first of her reports from Israel, Nathalie Rothschild explains the implications of the Goldstone saga.

Dr Michael Fitzpatrick Thursday 7 April 2011 comments

Save our National Health Service? Why, exactly?

Given the contempt with which the NHS treats ordinary people, it’s no wonder they aren’t lining up with the ‘Save our NHS’ lobby.

David Bowden Friday 8 April 2011 comments

Low-ambition comedy for a low-ambition Olympics

New sitcom Twenty Twelve gently mocks London’s preparations rather than taking a satire-shaped cudgel to them.

Duleep Allirajah Friday 8 April 2011 comments

Rooney swore? So f***ing what

Those fretting over the footballer’s anglo-saxon turn of phrase have clearly never been to a match before.

Sean Collins Friday 8 April 2011 comments

We should stick up for reason and passion

David Brooks' The Social Animal elevates emotion over reason, instinctive feeling over conscious thought. But today, we must defend both.

Brendan O’Neill Monday 11 April 2011 comments

Banning the burqa: an assault on freedom

Unfortunately, both France and some of its critics seem driven by a desire to police people's thoughts.

Patrick Hayes Monday 11 April 2011 comments

Why AV won't make for ‘better politicians’

The Alternative Vote system will produce MPs who are even more lame and principle-lite than the current bunch.

Tim Black Monday 11 April 2011 comments

The brassnecked hypocrisy of these invaders of privacy

Yes, the News of the World has behaved badly, but for New Labour bigwigs to complain about being snooped on... you couldn’t make it up.

Patrick Hayes Tuesday 12 April 2011 comments

An Observer of the public’s ‘speech crimes’

Why did one of Britain’s oldest liberal papers collude with the state in the arrest of a man for expressing an idea?

Rob Lyons Tuesday 12 April 2011 comments

Weight loss: the futility of the exercise

If even running a marathon doesn’t shift the pounds, why are the rest of us constantly told to ‘get active’?

James Woudhuysen Tuesday 12 April 2011 comments

Yuri Gagarin’s brave, brilliant leap into the dark

On the 50th anniversary of the first manned spaceflight, James Woudhuysen praises Gagarin’s daring - and says we need more of it today.

Nathalie Rothschild Wednesday 13 April 2011 comments

The Nakba Law: Israel’s catastrophic bill

A new law preventing criticism of the state is scarily similar to some of Britain's free-speech clampdowns.

Tim Black Wednesday 13 April 2011 comments

Dumbing down the idea of happiness

Under the guise of promoting ‘wellbeing’, the government and advocacy groups are indulging in lifestyle modification.

Sean Collins Wednesday 13 April 2011 comments

US budget showdown: the politics of pantomime

For all the attempts to talk up the budget clash as a great historical drama, in truth it revealed the pathetic state of American politics.

Richard Reynolds Thursday 14 April 2011 comments

Students don’t need protection from ideas

A student opponent of the illiberal NUS has a message for its new president: get rid of No Platform.

Rob Lyons Thursday 14 April 2011 comments

The busybody war on packed lunches

A US school’s ban on parents giving their kids packed lunches reeks of ‘we know best’ condescension.

Brendan O’Neill Thursday 14 April 2011 comments

Attack on Libya: a war led by no one

As the various bombers of Libya disavow responsibility for the overall military mission, there’s no telling how this will end.

David Bowden Friday 15 April 2011 comments

When a council house was a dream home

A riveting look at the rise and fall of the council estate casts today’s housing policy – or lack of it – in a dim light.

Duleep Allirajah Friday 15 April 2011 comments

Kick anti-racism out of football

With overt racism a thing of the past, we should show Herman Ouseley and his racial etiquette police the red card.

Rob Lyons Friday 15 April 2011 comments

Nuclear energy: clean, reliable and powerful

Physicist Wade Allison expertly demolishes fears about radiation. If only he was equally as sceptical about the fear-fuelled climate-change panic.

Patrick Hayes Monday 18 April 2011 comments

‘We will sacrifice quality if necessary’

An unguarded comment by the new NUS president shows how denigrated university education has become.

Rob Lyons Monday 18 April 2011 comments

Making a meal of school children’s diet

A survey hailing the impact of healthy school dinners on kids’ capacity to learn is not as smart as it thinks.

Frank Furedi Monday 18 April 2011 comments

Up the Yid Army!

The campaign to cleanse Britain’s football terraces of the Y-word is a patronising assault on Tottenham Hotspur fans’ pride and identity.

Nathalie Rothschild Tuesday 19 April 2011 comments

Palestine: occupied by Western liberals

How the values of ‘Kensington dinner parties’ are being imposed in the Palestinian territories.

David Chandler Tuesday 19 April 2011 comments

There’s nothing ‘good’ about the war in Libya

An international relations expert says there’s no going back to the so-called ‘good interventions’ of the 1990s.

Tim Black Tuesday 19 April 2011 comments

After the Day of Rage, the months of repression

The leader of the Bahrain Freedom Movement tells spiked that the situation in his country is grim. But is Western intervention the solution?

Angus Kennedy Wednesday 20 April 2011 comments

Overblown fears of fascism on the rise

Hungary’s proposed new constitution owes as much to retrograde Western trends as it does to right-wing nationalism.

Patrick Hayes Wednesday 20 April 2011 comments

Kettling: a ‘naughty step’ for protesters

The rise of police kettling on protests tells us a lot about both aimless radicals and cautious cops.

Mick Hume Wednesday 20 April 2011 comments

The strange death of the NATO alliance

Why is the West’s North Atlantic Treaty Organisation squabbling over who should bomb north Africa, 20 years after the Cold War ended?

David Bowden Thursday 21 April 2011 comments

What the undead tell us about the living

New series The Walking Dead makes a good Zombie drama of contemporary society’s fear and self-doubt.

Kevin Rooney Thursday 21 April 2011 comments

Turning football fans into snitches

It’s time Old Firm fans stopped telling tales on one another and united against the authorities’ behaviour police.

Tim Black Thursday 21 April 2011 comments

The art of pissing Christians off

By attacking Andres Serrano’s artwork ‘Immersion (Piss Christ)’, French Christian fundamentalists play into the artist’s hands.

Brendan O’Neill Thursday 21 April 2011 comments

This Easter, try to avoid the Gospel of Grayling

The underlying message of the New Atheists’ ‘secular bibles’ is far more soul-destroying than anything in the original Good Book.

Patrick Hayes Tuesday 26 April 2011 comments

‘I haven’t heard of any parties being planned’

Patrick Hayes talks to residents of one London borough on why they won’t be getting the bunting out on Friday.

Mick Hume Tuesday 26 April 2011 comments

It’s not 1981 all over again

There might be more cynicism about this royal wedding than Charles and Diana’s – but what’s good about that?

Frank Furedi Tuesday 26 April 2011 comments

The culture war behind the Will’n’Kate debate

The wedding has exposed big fault lines within the British elite, with defensive monarchists on one side and snobbish cynics on the other.

Tim Black Wednesday 27 April 2011 comments

On the wrong track over iPhone privacy

Campaigners should worry less about gadgets recording our locations and more about why society doesn't value privacy.

Brendan O’Neill Wednesday 27 April 2011 comments

Tescophobia: a new middle‑class malady

The chattering classes’ weird hatred of Tesco reveals the elitism of modern-day consumer activism.

Wendy Kaminer Wednesday 27 April 2011 comments

The war between fact and fallacy in US politics

When a senator excuses an erroneous comment by saying ‘it was not intended to be factual’, where’s the line between reality and fantasy?

David Bowden Thursday 28 April 2011 comments

Spinning a fascinating tale of cricketing derring do

A loving exploration of the art of spin bowling that, in its attention to detail and breadth of cultural reference, brings an arcane aspect of a sometimes arcane sport to vivid, joyous life.

Martyn Perks Thursday 28 April 2011 comments

The revolution will not be tweeted

Evgeny Morozov provides a damning critique of those who believe that social-networking tools are the spark that ignited recent political uprisings.

James Woudhuysen Thursday 28 April 2011 comments

One year on: learning the lessons of Deepwater Horizon

BP became so obsessed with rebranding itself, adopting irrational management-speak and enforcing petty health-and-safety measures that it overlooked the real safety of its workers.

Nathalie Rothschild Thursday 28 April 2011 comments

When commuting to work is a clandestine affair

A chronicle of an 18-hour return trip from the West Bank to Israel shows how the border closures introduced through the Oslo Peace Accords have strangled Palestinians’ access to work.

Tim Black Thursday 28 April 2011 comments

Bowing down to a new god: the scientist

Peter Atkins delights in telling us that humanity came from nothing and that we're returning to nothing, and he assumes anyone who doesn't share his nihilistic beliefs is an idiot.

Patrick Hayes Thursday 28 April 2011 comments

A cheap excuse for opposing open borders

A new pamphlet suggesting immigrants should have to fork out £30,000 to enter Britain is giving the state a free-market justification for violating people’s freedom of movement.

Neil Davenport Thursday 28 April 2011 comments

Why this novel has rattled the literary elite

The explosive power of Hans Fallada’s 60-year-old novel Alone in Berlin lies in its revelation that some uneducated Germans passionately hated the Nazi regime.

Daniel Ben-Ami Thursday 28 April 2011 comments

The Malthusians who masquerade as Marxists

Both radical and mainstream authors now frequently attack ‘neo-liberalism’ and ‘free-market fundamentalism’. But their alternative to these largely mythical creeds would be far, far worse.