May 2011

Rob Lyons Tuesday 3 May 2011 comments

Henry Cooper: more than a one-punch wonder

The popular British boxer, who died on Sunday, was an icon for an era in sport — and society — that’s long since gone.

Brendan O’Neill Tuesday 3 May 2011 comments

Royal wedding: why hate Will’n’Kate?

Friday’s shindig revealed the extent to which the isolated monarchy has thrown its lot in with celebrity culture.

Frank Furedi Tuesday 3 May 2011 comments

The democratic case against alternative voting

There’s way too much opportunism in the debate on AV, says Frank Furedi: here are the real reasons you should say ‘No’ on Thursday.

Patrick Hayes Wednesday 4 May 2011 comments

Three reasons why the Yes camp is wrong

The elitist and managerial pro-AV campaign gives a glimpse of what all of politics would be like under AV.

Tim Black Wednesday 4 May 2011 comments

Three reasons why the No camp is wrong

The anti-AV lobby has done itself no favours by depicting the electorate as dumb and easily befuddled.

Brendan O’Neill Wednesday 4 May 2011 comments

The killing of OBL: therapy for the West

Why the shooting of a sickly has-been jihadist was turned into a momentous and historic occasion on a par with VJ Day.

Rob Lyons Thursday 5 May 2011 comments

Shale gas: a welcome energy shock

As science writer Matt Ridley describes in a new report, we have a new, abundant source of cheap energy. What’s not to like?

Bill Durodié Thursday 5 May 2011 comments

The West’s very own celeb terrorist

Whether he was droning on about climate change or consumption, OBL’s ‘ideas’ were born and bred in the West.

Nathalie Rothschild Thursday 5 May 2011 comments

Neither an open-air prison nor a terrorist haven

An Israeli advocate of freedom of movement says the Gaza debate is distorted by flotilla crews and Israeli officials.

Jennie Bristow Thursday 5 May 2011 comments

It is right that society offers ‘Ground E’ abortions

The anti-choice lobby’s obsession with abortions for fetal abnormality reveals its vindictive use and abuse of statistics.

Patrick West Friday 6 May 2011 comments

Pride and self-pity, set to music

National anthems are generally tedious, jingoistic dirges - but they come alive when we watch sporting events we actually care about.

Duleep Allirajah Friday 6 May 2011 comments

‘More than a club’? No, just a football team

Barcelona’s handbaggery, theatrics and glorious goals in El Clásico showed that football has FA to do with morality.

David Bowden Friday 6 May 2011 comments

A new era of decent British drama?

BBC1’s Exile showed that British dramatists, if they put their minds to it, can create world-class telly like The Wire.

Brendan O’Neill Friday 6 May 2011 comments

The rise and rise of
a pity-for-Osama lobby

The chattering classes’ ‘uncomfortable feeling’ with the killing of bin Laden is underpinned more by moral cowardice than political principle.

Brendan O’Neill Monday 9 May 2011 comments

Cleggphobia is as stupid as Cleggmania

The transformation of St Nick into Nasty Nick reveals some rather nasty traits amongst the cultural elite.

Tim Black Monday 9 May 2011 comments

Were the masses duped by ‘No’ nonsense?

The pro-AV lobby’s excuses for why people said No in the referendum expose its snobbish intolerance.

Mick Hume Monday 9 May 2011 comments

Have we ended up with AV‑style politics anyway?

Despite the crushing of the Alternative Vote in the referendum, the UK elections confirmed the strength of the anti-political trends AV embodies.

Tom Gallagher Tuesday 10 May 2011 comments

The mirage of Scottish liberation

The author of The Illusion of Freedom: Scotland Under Nationalism traces the rise and rise of the SNP.

Craig Fairnington Tuesday 10 May 2011 comments

Why Alex Salmond is not Braveheart

The SNP’s historic win reveals disillusionment with the other parties, not a desire for Scottish independence.

Tim Black Tuesday 10 May 2011 comments

The superinjunction only intensifies the gossip game

Yes, society’s obsession with people’s private peccadilloes and antics is a problem – but it won’t be fixed through illiberal injunctions.

Patrick Hayes Wednesday 11 May 2011 comments

The right to protest is not exclusive to the left

A new left-wing group defending the right to protest needs to defend the right of those they disagree with, too.

Tessa Mayes Wednesday 11 May 2011 comments

Post-Mosley, free speech is still the loser

Who needs the ECHR to censor what we talk about when we’ve got our own injunction-happy High Court doing it anyway?

Frank Furedi Wednesday 11 May 2011 comments

Hating Tesco: a passion of both the PC and the BNP

Trendy leftists and far-right activists disagree on many things, but they have one conviction in common: supermarkets are evil.

Rob Lyons Thursday 12 May 2011 comments

The Cube: welcome to your eco-prison cell

Apparently our unwillingness to live in cramped, low-energy homes reveals our psychological flaws.

Nathalie Rothschild Thursday 12 May 2011 comments

Israel at 63: tears, patriotism and tension

Beneath the apparent unity during a week of remembrance there lie deep divisions in Israeli society.

Brendan O’Neill Thursday 12 May 2011 comments

This pity for bin Laden is just pacifist-nihilism

The chattering-class consensus that it was illegal for America to bump off bin Laden is not as radical as some people think.

David Bowden Friday 13 May 2011 comments

Made in Chelsea should be made to go away

Inspired by The Only Way Is Essex, but with none of its charm, E4’s new posho docusoap fails to entertain.

Duleep Allirajah Friday 13 May 2011 comments

The PR-free glory of the footballers’ twitterverse

Thanks to Twitter, footballers and fans are finally getting up close and occasionally personal. But how long will it last?

Tim Black Friday 13 May 2011 comments

The tyranny of science

More and more scientists fancy themselves as gods, with a duty to enlighten those who are ‘deluded to the point of perversity’.

Brendan O’Neill Monday 16 May 2011 comments

Close encounters of the chav kind

In the comedy alien invasion movie Attack the Block the real aliens are the hooded human yoof.

Dominic Standish Monday 16 May 2011 comments

Is it arrivederci to nuclear power in Italy?

The Italian government has prioritised risk-avoidance and short-term political survival over acute energy needs.

Frank Furedi Monday 16 May 2011 comments

How EU officials simply forgot about Christmas

The European oligarchy’s failure to include Christmas in a diary for schoolkids sums up their separation from the demos.

Jason Walsh Tuesday 17 May 2011 comments

Ireland needs freedom — but not from Britain

The British queen’s visit has attracted little opposition because Ireland’s new oppressors reside in Brussels, not London.

Patrick Hayes Tuesday 17 May 2011 comments

What about a Rally For Economic Growth?

The UK economy is in big trouble, but Saturday's pro-cuts demo in London largely missed the point.

Tim Black Tuesday 17 May 2011 comments

The electoral reform that no one wanted

As the post-defeat outpourings from Yes campaigners reveal, the 2011 referendum was an entirely elite concoction.

Brendan O’Neill Tuesday 17 May 2011 comments

Dave, Maddie and the politics of grief

Cameron has been slated for his foray into the Madeleine McCann case, but he's not the only politician who sees opportunity in bereavement.

Neil Davenport Wednesday 18 May 2011 comments

SlutWalk: a step in the wrong direction

The protests against an apparent culture of violence towards women end up celebrating victimhood.

Angus Kennedy Wednesday 18 May 2011 comments

Ivan Demjanjuk: is this not a man, too?

Legal principles have been ditched in a bid to sustain the Holocaust as an ever-present moral imperative for today.

Wendy Kaminer Wednesday 18 May 2011 comments

How feminists helped students to ‘unlearn’ liberty

Campus bans on misogynist speech don't advance equality; they assume that women are just too weak to speak back.

Josie Appleton Thursday 19 May 2011 comments

How the burqa became a symbol of freedom

France’s attempts to defend the idea of the Republic through an illiberal ban on Islamic headscarves has backfired.

Nathalie Rothschild Thursday 19 May 2011 comments

This rape debate is demeaning to women

The current debate over the law on rape rehabilitates the Victorian view of women as helpless victims.

Mick Hume Thursday 19 May 2011 comments

L’affaire DSK: French right to private lives on trial

That one French statesman has been charged with sexual assault is no reason to attack the civilised distinction between public and private affairs.

David Bowden Friday 20 May 2011 comments

The Wonderland of the human heart

BBC2’s subtle documentary strand on human relationships was a welcome relief from this week’s sleazy headlines.

Duleep Allirajah Friday 20 May 2011 comments

The glory of the gloating game

The only thing more enjoyable for a football fan than the failure of rivals is the chance to rub their noses in it.

Nathalie Rothschild Friday 20 May 2011 comments

The role reversal at the heart of the ‘Arab spring’

Palestinians, once the inspiration for Arabs and the pawns of dictatorial regimes, now look to democracy protestors elsewhere.

Daniel Ben-Ami Friday 20 May 2011 comments

The Malthusians who masquerade as Marxists

The alternatives to the mythical creed of ‘neo-liberalism’ offered by David Harvey and other radical authors sound far, far worse.

Bill Durodié Monday 23 May 2011 comments

WHO’s learned nothing from the swine-flu panic?

The over-reaction to H1N1 influenza in 2009 was built on years of waiting for ‘the Big One’.

Tim Black Monday 23 May 2011 comments

A demeaning epidemic of injunctionitis

Lord Neuberger’s report on the superinjunctions affair is a reminder that the state doesn't trust us to judge what we read.

Frank Furedi Monday 23 May 2011 comments

The new buzzword in Brussels: ‘Crisis’

The EU is beset with problems, but it is so cut off from the electorate that it lacks the popular legitimacy to solve them.

Helen Reece Tuesday 24 May 2011 comments

Rape law: did Ken Clarke have a point?

The expanded definition of rape in recent years is causing discomfort for politicians, lawyers and jurors.

Gareth King Tuesday 24 May 2011 comments

‘Down with the regime! Long live the people!’

Gareth King reports from the colourful, often eccentric protests that have taken over Madrid’s main square.

Mick Hume Tuesday 24 May 2011 comments

Spanish protests: Viva, err... what, exactly?

The sit-in protests in Madrid and elsewhere are more a symbol of the problems of European radicalism than an offshoot of the Arab spring.

Chris Snowdon Wednesday 25 May 2011 comments

Australia: the world leader in illiberalism

From bans on video games to drinks advertising, Australia has become the world’s number one nanny state.

Patrick Hayes Wednesday 25 May 2011 comments

America and Britain: a
not-so-special relationship

Like two men clinging together in a storm, the US and UK’s ‘essential relationship’ is born of powerlessness.

Rob Lyons Wednesday 25 May 2011 comments

The sky’s the limit
for risk-aversion

It’s not the volcanic eruption in Iceland that has grounded flights in northern Europe, but an obsession with worst-case scenarios.

Colin McInnes Thursday 26 May 2011 comments

How hyper-mobility can change the world

By investing in faster and cheaper transportation, we can truly realise the dream of a global village.

Ben Pile Thursday 26 May 2011 comments

Putting humanity in a kangaroo court

When Nobel laureates staged a mock eco-trial in Stockholm last week, they were really demanding to rule the world.

Nathalie Rothschild Thursday 26 May 2011 comments

The apartheid logic of settlement boycotts

The row over a West Bank university reveals that it is not only settlers who believe in separating Palestinians from Jews.

Jennie Bristow Thursday 26 May 2011 comments

The new parenting catfight: Tiger Moms vs Fun Slobs

The nature/nurture debate is as unhelpful as ever in solving the problem of raising children.

David Bowden Friday 27 May 2011 comments

Bill Clinton and Ayn Rand: an unlikely affair

Adam Curtis’s new series is as visually engaging as ever, yet his arguments for once seem to fall short.

Rob Lyons Friday 27 May 2011 comments

Anyone but United... or Barcelona

With smug United playing the equally smug Barca, it’s just a shame there can’t be two losers in the Champions League final.

Patrick Hayes Friday 27 May 2011 comments

A cheap excuse for opposing open borders

Gary Becker’s argument that immigrants should pay £30,000 to enter Britain puts the free market ahead of free movement.

Rob Lyons Tuesday 31 May 2011 comments

Dodging the burgers won’t save the planet

New film Planeat claims that a vegan lifestyle can save the world and our health. But where’s the beef?

Tim Black Tuesday 31 May 2011 comments

Beware Malthusians in reasonable clothing

The green critics of population control are just as misanthropic as their prophylactic-promoting opponents.

Mick Hume Tuesday 31 May 2011 comments

Mladic, war crimes and the West: unasked questions

The response to the arrest of the former Bosnian Serb commander shows how some pine for the good v evil parable of their Balkan crusade.