1 August 2018

Abortion pills are safe and simple

So why won’t the government let women in England take them at home?

2 July 2018

We can’t rely on judges to defend abortion rights

Trump’s upcoming Supreme Court pick reminds us why this battle must be won democratically.

27 May 2018

The Irish vote will echo through Britain

How the revolt against the Eighth raises questions for the UK.

12 April 2018

Buffer zones are not an attack on free speech

Protests outside abortion clinics are about intimidation, not debate.

15 February 2018

No, abortion on grounds of disability is not eugenics

These choices are personal, not a matter of public policy.

10 August 2017

Sexual paranoia on campus

Laura Kipnis on the perversity of protecting students from adult relationships.

3 July 2017

The power of the pro-choice movement

The Tories’ Northern Ireland concession shows how much things have changed.

13 March 2017

Let’s decriminalise abortion once and for all

We urge MPs to scrap Britain’s Victorian abortion laws.

11 November 2016

Pushing birth control on women is always immoral

The Pause programme is taking choice away from women.

7 October 2016

Abortion and disability: it’s all about who decides

The only moral code we need on abortion is this: trust women.