19 September 2018

Now we know: the EU was lying about Ireland

Brussels whipped up fears about the Irish border to bash Brexit.

11 September 2018

Stop using women to try to kill off Brexit

Women for a People’s Vote is a cynical, misanthropic movement.

6 September 2018

Stella Creasy’s war on thoughtcrime

Criminalising misogyny would be an affront to free thought.

28 August 2018

Another victory for choice

Let’s celebrate easier access to abortion pills – but there is more to be done.

24 August 2018

Asia Argento and the hypocrisy of #MeToo

Argento is being devoured by a witch hunt she helped to nurture.

13 August 2018

No, an invitation to debate isn’t a catcall

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s response to Ben Shapiro was ludicrous.

8 August 2018

How feminism makes life harder for girls

Girls are stressed because they’re constantly told to expect the worst.

31 July 2018

Love Island: the antidote to feminist miserabilism

Three cheers for the show that proves young women (and men) are all right.

25 July 2018

Not everything is a feminist issue

Even climate change is now looked at through a gendered lens.

20 July 2018

Let’s celebrate the ingenuity of IVF

As she approaches her 40th birthday, Louise Brown, the first IVF baby, talks to spiked.