23 April 2015

‘Labour is now a corporate middle‑class party’

Ella Whelan talks to Nigel Farage and Will Scobie in Thanet.

16 April 2015

Why the political class *hearts* Joey Essex

Party leaders have mistaken a reality-TV star for the electorate.

9 April 2015

Good boobs, bad boobs: how feminists police women’s bodies

Middle-class breasts on Instagram – good. Big tits in the Sun – bad.

18 February 2015

Harman’s Barbie bus: The new face of feminism

It isn't only Labour that views women as a distinctive political species.

3 February 2015

#Smurthgate: feminist censorship eats itself

A feminist comedian has been ‘banned’ by a students’ union. How ironic.

21 January 2015

No More Page 3 is no victory for women

I find the censorious campaign against Page 3 far more offensive than a pair of tits.

4 December 2014

Don’t blame LaBeouf for demeaning rape

It was feminists who blurred the lines between rape and sex.

17 November 2014

Rape culture? There’s no such thing

A young feminist tells her sisters to quit the scaremongering.