20 September 2018

The fall of Elon Musk

It is Musk’s reputation that is harmed most by his mad tweets.

11 September 2018

#MeToo and the end of redemption

Olivia Munn is wrong to try to destroy an ex-offender’s career.

3 September 2018

Lana Del Rey: the latest casualty of BDS censorship

Artists who perform in Israel are not agents of the Israeli state.

27 August 2018

The whitewashing of John McCain

For some people, being anti-Trump absolves you of all other sins.

22 August 2018

There are too many people in prison

Politicians are ignoring the real cause of the prisons crisis.

15 August 2018

Where are all the white supremacists?

The pathetic Unite the Right rally shows white supremacy is dead.

7 August 2018

Boris’s burqa-bashing is not ‘Islamophobic’

Ring-fencing Islamic culture from criticism has created a new intolerance.

1 August 2018

Labour’s turn against the masses

The deselection row shows how distant the party is from working people.

30 July 2018

Anne Hathaway and the woke woman’s burden

The concept of white privilege presents black people as pitiable and powerless.

23 July 2018

We shouldn’t rely on Facebook to tell us what is true

The truth is forever being contested – big corporates shouldn’t play referee.