29 August 2018

Victim culture eats one of its own

The Avital Ronell scandal exposes the absurdity of the culture of complaint.

20 August 2018

Kofi Annan: frontman for Western meddling

How the former UN chief gave cover to the West’s bloody wars.

14 June 2018

Grenfell and the problem of carbon targets

A web of new rules and regulations fed into the Grenfell disaster.

22 May 2018

Ken Livingstone: undone by his own brand of anti‑racism

His own equal-opportunities approach has been turned against him.

2 February 2018

How the working class was shut out

No party in Britain speaks for, or even appeals to, the working class.

1 November 2017

JFK and the paranoid style

The new release of files will only fuel conspiracy theories.

26 October 2017

A music-hall Marx

Young Marx is a witty romp through his London struggles.

17 October 2017

No, colonialism wasn’t a good thing...

...but closing down debate about it will convince no one.

24 August 2017

Should Nelson’s column come down?

Toppling this monument would be philistinism disguised as radicalism.