21 September 2018

Germaine Greer: hardly a heretic

On Rape buys into much of today’s misanthropic feminism.

12 September 2018

It is now a thoughtcrime to criticise transgenderism

Professors are being blacklisted for questioning the trans ideology.

5 September 2018

Corbynistas, please don’t lecture us about free speech

This censorious movement only cares about the freedom to have a dig at Israel.

8 August 2018

Leave those kids alone

Now officials want five-year-olds to pick their own gender.

2 August 2018

No, women aren’t at risk from men

What feminists really mean when they talk about ‘violence’.

26 July 2018

The rise of the female breadwinner

Another victory for women that feminists are refusing to celebrate.

19 July 2018

Consent classes for four-year-olds? What a terrible idea

We are urging children to see their interactions through the prism of abuse.

11 July 2018

It isn’t transphobic to question transgenderism

We must be free to debate the dangers of the Gender Recognition Act.

6 July 2018

Sex after #MeToo

Heterosexual relationships are in crisis.

27 June 2018

It’s no wonder millennial women are down on sex

They’ve been taught from youth that sex is fraught with peril.