19 September 2018

Let’s be honest about suicide

Suicide is not the grave threat to young men that activists claim it is.

4 September 2018

KSI v Logan Paul: why they were right to fight

Boxing is risky but rewarding: we should encourage young people to take it up.

24 August 2018

#MeToo and the dangers of blind belief

This hashtag movement has devastated the presumption of innocence.

14 August 2018

Operation Yewtree: the moral panic that ruined lives

Why is no one talking about the wrong done to Jonathan King?

31 July 2018

Why is crime in London rising?

Simplistic narratives around gangs, police and austerity are wide of the mark.

10 July 2018

Who’s the real baby here?

That Trump blimp reveals how infantile some of his critics have become.

4 July 2018

The Supreme Court v the court of public opinion

The departure of Kennedy reminds us of a tension at the heart of US democracy.

30 May 2018

Tommy Robinson is no free-speech martyr

Prejudicing a court case is not a free-speech issue.

22 May 2018

Asking too much of the Grenfell Inquiry

An inquiry can’t provide political answers to this terrible tragedy.

16 May 2018

The ugliness of the knife-crime debate

Both sides treat black and Asian communities like children.