12 September 2018

‘Get Boris?’ It’s another backdoor plan to stop Brexit

Time for the Tory ‘civil war’ to be honestly fought in the open.

6 September 2018

Governor of the Bank of Anti-Brexit

Mark Carney’s self-reappointment sums up what Leave voters revolted against.

30 August 2018

Reasons to say yes to No Deal

High time we heard the positive case for a clean-break Brexit.

23 August 2018

Now Corbyn plans to ‘nationalise’ the news

Why cheer the Labour leader’s support for government-approved journalism?

17 August 2018

Press freedom is too important to entrust to judges – or government

The BBC won’t appeal the Sir Cliff ruling. We need to appeal to the public.

9 August 2018

Boris burqa row: another excuse to bash Brexit voters

Remainer elitists are hiding their prejudices behind a veil.

30 July 2018

Now MPs want to police political discussion

The fake-news panic is nurturing new arguments for state censorship.

26 July 2018

Defend our privacy – oppose their privacy laws

Protecting the private sphere should not mean inviting the state in.

17 July 2018

Russia 2018: the greatest ever World Cup?

Final thoughts on an all-right England and the French revolution.

5 July 2018

Can England win the World Cup?

Is football really becoming as unpredictable as politics?