15 December 2017

Masterpiece Cakeshop: are we free to disagree?

The US Supreme Court case represents a fork in the road for freedom.

11 November 2016

The European assault on freedom of speech

Both the EU and post-EU Britain are throttling the liberty to think.

2 June 2016

The EU’s relentless attack on free speech

New plans to tackle online hate speech pose a threat to us all.

25 August 2015

Can religious freedom survive same-sex marriage?

Five ways same-sex marriage is harming the freedom of faith.

30 June 2015

A new British bill of rights? Hopefully not

We can’t trust our illiberal leaders to protect our freedoms.

10 June 2015

Gay marriage: the ‘right side of history’?

The redefinition of marriage will do more harm than good.