24 September 2018

‘Everyone on Earth is part of my world. They belong to me’

Lionel Shriver on art, freedom and the nonsense of ‘cultural appropriation’.

21 September 2018

How #MeToo became a political weapon

The team discuss Brett Kavanaugh, the rise of the ‘democratic socialists’ and the fall of the Lib Dems.

21 September 2018

‘There is no great socialist ferment in the Democratic Party’

Michael Tracey on the democratic-socialist hype and Trump’s embattled administration.

18 September 2018

Introducing... The Brendan O’Neill Show

Our editor’s new monthly podcast kicks off this Sunday with Lionel Shriver.

14 September 2018

Westminster’s war on the web

The spiked team talks online hate speech, Tory Brexit divisions and the Serena sexism row.

14 September 2018

‘Facebook groups are not full of hate’

Jamie Bartlett on how the Online Forums Bill threatens internet freedom.

7 September 2018

The stupidity of banning Bannon

The spiked team talks Steve Bannon, Labour anti-Semitism and the new Nike ad.

7 September 2018

‘Swedish politicians have abandoned the nation’

Historian Lars Tragardh on the rise of the Sweden Democrats.

31 August 2018

Sell out Brexit? No deal

The spiked team talks No Deal, #MeToo and pronoun badges.