31 August 2018

‘A drink or two a day won’t kill you’

David Spiegelhalter on the dangers of health scare stories.

24 August 2018

‘It’s black kids who suffer most from the victim narrative’

Tony Sewell on cultural appropriation and what is really holding back black kids.

17 August 2018

‘We can’t let the Islamists win’

Qanta Ahmed on what the Boris/burqa storm reveals about the rise of Islamism.

9 August 2018

The problem with ‘woke’ comedy

Simon Evans on how sanctimony is dulling our sense of humour.

3 August 2018

‘This is just a smear campaign’

The IEA’s Mark Littlewood on Greenpeace’s ‘exposé’.

27 July 2018

‘I trust Jeremy on Brexit more than I trust the Tories’

Kate Hoey talks to spiked about No Deal, deselection and democracy.

14 May 2018

A minute of your time to help defend the press

We must see off the Lords’ plan for Leveson II – contact your MP now.

7 May 2018

‘Trump isn’t un‑PC. He’s just an asshole’

Bret Stephens talks to Tom Slater about the twin threats to free speech.

20 April 2018

‘I was called human scum just for criticising #MeToo’

Katie Roiphe on the ‘weird energy’ and censorious rage of Twitter-feminism.

30 March 2018

‘To defend democracy, we must defend the nation’

Tom Slater and Michael Brendan Dougherty discuss the populist revolt.