28 September 2001

Reactions 3

Peace vigils, attacking liberty, and the sources of hate: more spiked readers give their views.

20 September 2001

Reactions 2

Three-minute silences, Middle East policy, and Is it Armageddon?: more spiked readers give their views.

14 September 2001


Hysterical coverage, American morality and the unravelling of Empire: spiked readers give their views.

26 July 2001


New Labour always claims to be a party that listens to 'ordinary people'. We commissioned a group of 'ordinary people' - including a doctor, three teachers, a youth worker, a scientist, two netheads and a first-time voter - to tell the government what kind of politics they would like to see during Labour's second term.

26 April 2001

Don't mention the R-word?

Should politicians pledge to keep silent on the race issue? Kenan Malik, author of The Meaning of Race, the CRE's Chris Myant, Tony Sewell, columnist for The Voice, novelist and critic Mike Phillips, and the UK Refugee Council's Jessica Yudilevich give their views.

15 March 2001

Minister: precautionary principle has 'got out of hand'

UK minister for the environment Michael Meacher today conceded that, in responding to the foot-and-mouth outbreak, 'the precautionary principle perhaps got out of hand because we did not understand all of the issues'.