9 May 2018

Trump’s dangerous Iran obsession

America’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal will stoke tension in the Middle East.

4 May 2018

JJ Rousseau: autonomy lost

His work laid the ground both for a radical conception of autonomy, and its critique.

30 April 2018

Korea: what’s Trump got to do with it?

The inter-Korea agreement was struck in spite of the US.

24 April 2018

It isn’t America vs Assad – it’s America vs Iran

US meddling in Syria is really aimed at Tehran.

9 April 2018

Boris is not the only Russia baiter

Too many today think Russia is to blame for everything.

3 April 2018

The misplaced panic about London’s murder rate

Youth violence is both less and more serious than is being reported.

27 March 2018

Trump's cabinet of chaos

The appointment of war-happy John Bolton is yet another foreign-policy U-turn.

20 March 2018

Afrin: the shame of the West

Why Western leaders are silent on the barbarism against the Kurds.

13 March 2018

Trump’s new world dis-order

US foreign policy is now conducted on the president’s whim.

6 March 2018

No, Bradley Wiggins is not a cheat

Sportspeople always ‘cross the ethical line’ – that’s what sport is about.