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10 December 2013

Why the DSM is doomed to fail

Helene Guldberg reviews The Book of Woe for Psychology Today.

12 November 2013

Bribing women to breastfeed is an assault on parental choice

Writing in Reproductive Review, Jennie Bristow argues that a new voucher scheme designed to encourage women to breastfeed is founded on fallacious breast-is-best prejudices.

12 November 2013

Why knowledge trumps the fountain of youth

Tiffany Jenkins argues that, in a society obsessed with warding off the drag of adulthood, we’ve begun to undervalue worldly experience. Read the full piece in The Scotsman.

12 November 2013

Only industry and growth can protect against disasters like Typhoon Haiyan

In the face of green doom-mongers who are proclaiming Typhoon Haiyan a product of the Western carbon glut, Brendan O’Neill argues that only development and urbanisation can help protect the Philippines from future devastation.

7 November 2013

‘The obsession with cycling shows a lack of belief in progress’

Brendan O’Neill appears on The Spectator‘s ‘The View from 22’ podcast, debating The Times‘s Kaya Burgess on whether more cycle lanes is the answer to London’s transport problems.

6 November 2013

‘I ask him if he really led a revolution. He physically bristles.’

Brendan O’Neill interviews ‘Europe’s Mandela’ Lech Walesa for The Big Issue.

6 November 2013

‘We need to make a distinction between legal responsibility and moral responsibility’

Barbara Hewson’s recent contribution to a debate on rape law at the LSE has been written up in the Telegraph.

6 November 2013

Rob Lyons argues that recycling is a waste of time on the Alan Titchmarsh Show

Last week, spiked‘s associate editor Rob Lyons appeared on the Alan Titchmarsh show’s ‘Daily Ding-Dong’, debating the Guardian‘s Fiona Harvey on the issue of recycling. Click the title to watch. The ‘ding-dong’ begins at 25 minutes in.

31 October 2013

In a society obsessed with child abuse, vigilante violence is inevitable

Frank Furedi writes in the Independent about why the murder of Bijan Ebrahimi was a product of ‘stranger danger’ campaigns of the past few decades.

31 October 2013

‘Racism has been trivialised into policing the words and thoughts of football fans’

Mick Hume writes in The Times today about why anti-racist campaigns won’t stop the abuse of black players in Moscow.