25 September 2001

No politics please, we’re peace campaigners

At a peace vigil in London on 22 September, what seemed to bother the protesters more than anything was America's 'attitude'.

21 September 2001

War talk

A war against terrorism works well in words - but the reality is proving more problematic.

19 September 2001

Made in the USA?

As some of the individuals behind the attacks on America emerge as wealthy and Western-educated, perhaps we should aim our questions closer to home.

14 September 2001

It’s war - but against whom?

The world is being reorganised in response to the events of 11 September.

12 September 2001

After the attack on America

As the dust clears over the scenes of carnage, it is worth asking what these events and the reaction to them can tell us about the world we live in now.

11 July 2001

Defend the Right to Make the Wrong Choices

It is good to see some cottoning on to the importance of standing up for liberty in New Labour's second term. But we need to go much further in defence of freedom.