Science and technology
Science and technology
20 September 2018

The fall of Elon Musk

It is Musk’s reputation that is harmed most by his mad tweets.

14 September 2018

‘Facebook groups are not full of hate’

Jamie Bartlett on how the Online Forums Bill threatens internet freedom.

30 August 2018

We must defend internet freedom

The internet helped to democratise political debate. That’s why the elites want to tame it.

17 August 2018

Within touching distance of the Sun

The Parker Solar Probe represents a huge step forward for humanity.

8 August 2018

No, we are not addicted to smartphones

The idea that we’re at the mercy of Silicon Valley is an elitist myth.

No, ‘designer babies’ are not around the corner

The concern over gene editing is getting way ahead of the technology.

19 June 2018

How paranoid parenting fuels kids’ ‘internet addiction’

If we keep children cooped up indoors, they’ll find adventure online.

11 June 2018

Flat Earthers: the latest ‘post-truth’ bogeymen

The strange rise of Flat Earth theory has nothing to do with Trump or Brexit.

9 April 2018

Who’s afraid of automation?

Yes, robots will replace existing jobs, but they’ll create new ones too.

29 March 2018

The Cambridge Analytica story is looking thinner by the day

The Observer thinks it has a smoking gun – it’s more a damp squib.