13 September 2018

Serena, that cartoon and the truth about bigotry

The defenders of Serena Williams have been far more bigoted than her critics.

27 August 2018

Why Malcolm Turnbull was ousted

Like Hillary and Britain’s Remainers, this was an out-of-touch politician.

19 June 2018

Only one person is to blame for Eurydice’s murder

Blaming all Aussie men for the crimes of one is a travesty.

27 February 2018

Australia’s gag laws are a threat to democracy

The Liberal government is trying to bind its opponents in red tape.

22 February 2018

Australia’s neo‑Victorian ‘bonking ban’

The PM seems to think women need to be protected from consensual affairs.

18 January 2018

Australia, it’s time to shake off the monarchy

Monarchists’ opposition to a referendum reveals their contempt for democracy.

6 September 2017

Why anti-vaxxers shouldn’t be censored

Australians don’t need the state to protect them from bad ideas.