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Arts & Culture
24 September 2018

Bono can’t give the EU a soul

U2 have tried, and failed, to give our technocratic age meaning.

14 September 2018

Into The Valley of the Fallen

Carlos Rojas’ newly translated 1978 novel continues to shed light on Spain’s dark history.

5 September 2018

Spike Lee v the Klan

BlacKkKlansman is the work of a director who revels in complexity.

3 September 2018

Lana Del Rey: the latest casualty of BDS censorship

Artists who perform in Israel are not agents of the Israeli state.

31 August 2018

Diversity quotas kill comedy

Michael Palin was dead right to criticise the BBC’s PC box-ticking.

23 August 2018

Edinburgh: where being right-wing makes you exotic

Conservative comics still raise eyebrows, but things seem to be changing.

23 August 2018

Steel Panther: metal’s un-PC heroes

The ‘Pussy Melter’ controversy reveals all that’s wrong with this age.

21 August 2018

It’s called acting for a reason

The idea that actors can only play people like them is uptight nonsense.

21 August 2018

The cultural appropriation jerks

Why Jamie Oliver was right not to apologise.