19 September 2018

A glamorous and ugly movie

Crazy Rich Asians is dumb and cruel, even by rom-com standards.

11 September 2018

#MeToo and the end of redemption

Olivia Munn is wrong to try to destroy an ex-offender’s career.

5 September 2018

Spike Lee v the Klan

BlacKkKlansman is the work of a director who revels in complexity.

16 August 2018

Why shouldn’t straight actors play gay characters?

It’s called acting for a reason.

15 August 2018

Why Idris Elba shouldn’t play James Bond

Bond is a racist, sexist dinosaur. He is the antithesis of diversity.

23 July 2018

James Gunn: brought down by right-wing snowflakes

This depressing tale reminds us the right is no champion of free speech.

16 July 2018

Scarlett Johansson and the new cultural police

Why shouldn’t a ‘cis’ actress play a trans man?

26 June 2018

The philistine destruction of Johnny Depp

Rolling Stone’s hatchet job shows little understanding of what makes a great artist.

21 June 2018

Ocean’s 8: A Feminist Flop

The ‘gender-swap’ trend is shielding tired remakes from criticism.