20 August 2018

Kofi Annan: frontman for Western meddling

How the former UN chief gave cover to the West’s bloody wars.

20 August 2018

VS Naipaul: his own person

The great writer rejected victimhood and lazy thinking.

17 August 2018

Aretha Franklin, voice of freedom

The Queen of Soul expressed a new optimism in black America.

11 June 2018

Anthony Bourdain: a lust for life

The celebrity chef was a breath of fresh air in our killjoy era.

31 May 2018

The Great American Novelist

Philip Roth’s American Pastoral is one of the finest novels of all time.

6 April 2018

Winnie Mandela: a flawed but exemplary life

How the ANC betrayed this bravest opponent of Apartheid rule.

27 March 2018

Philip Kerr: seriously entertaining

An heir to Raymond Chandler, Kerr leaves behind a formidable, thrilling legacy.

20 March 2018

Stephen Hawking: a heroic intellect

His incredible personal story shouldn't eclipse his intellectual achievement.

14 March 2018

The comic genius of Ken Dodd

He had one ambition in life and he achieved it: to make people laugh.

8 March 2018

The legend and myths of that four‑minute mile

Even Roger Bannister was accused of crossing an ‘ethical line’.