TV and radio

TV and radio

4 September 2018

Roxanne Pallett: the making of a victim

Celebrity Big Brother has provided a rare insight into the nature of victimhood.

31 July 2018

Love Island: the antidote to feminist miserabilism

Three cheers for the show that proves young women (and men) are all right.

26 June 2018

Love Island: a show with real heart

Only the bitter and jealous could fail to be won over by the Islanders.

5 June 2018

Comedians, mock our Supreme Leader at your peril*

A Corbynista responds to Tracey Ullman’s vile blasphemy.

17 April 2018

The problem with ‘representation’

Why we don’t need fictional characters to look like us.

16 April 2018

They think we’re all Enochs now

Demands to ban Powell’s ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech are the latest insult to Leave voters.

23 March 2018

The strange smearing of Robin Williams

He hasn’t really been accused of anything. Yet #MeToo demands another scalp.

22 March 2018

Why won’t the pay-gap myth die?

The McEnroe-Navratilova 'scandal' is the most ridiculous yet.

9 February 2018

What Marty Crane can teach us

John Mahoney’s character pre-empted today’s culture clash.