29 August 2018

Why aren’t we taking the Islamist threat seriously?

A slew of convictions should remind us that nihilism lurks in Britain.

17 August 2018

Barcelona, one year on

Why people still aren’t taking violent Islamism seriously.

Let them be executed

The ‘ISIS Beatles’ must face the consequences for their barbarism.

29 June 2018

Digging into the domestic roots of jihad

David Thomson’s The Returned explores why so many Westerners support ISIS.

8 January 2018

Why is Britain funding jihadis?

Western foreign policy has deepened the conflict in the Middle East.

28 December 2017

The rise of the terror amnesia industry

In 2017, our response to terrorism became dangerously passive.

11 December 2017

We need to talk about killing terrorists

Enemy combatants should not be treated the same as citizens.

27 November 2017

The apocalyptic barbarism of ISIS

The Egypt mosque massacre confirms the abstract horror of ISIS violence.

27 November 2017

Panic on the streets of London

Yes, fear of terrorism is bad. But so is fear of discussing it.

9 November 2017

Devin Kelley was evil, but he’s not a terrorist

The problem with using the T-word for mass shootings.