21 September 2018

The Croydon Cat Killer: a modern urban myth

Why do such obviously ludicrous stories grip the imagination?

2 May 2018

Rewilding: a rotten idea

How a rewilding experiment created a barren wasteland of starving animals.

29 July 2015

Cecil the lion: hunting for outrage

Calm down, everyone – lion-hunting is good for Africa.

21 October 2014

Tommy the chimp is just an animal, not a prisoner

The campaign to give a chimpanzee ‘legal personhood’ is ludicrous.

30 April 2014

Chris Packham: getting in a flap over Malta

Maltese bird-hunters are right to be enraged at the British naturalist’s crusade against them.

12 December 2013

Monkeying around with the specialness of humans

Attempts to grant monkeys legal rights are an insult to our humanity.

8 August 2013

Dangerous dogs: not that dangerous

Further proposed state restrictions on pets always mean yet more state restrictions on humans.