21 September 2018

How #MeToo became a political weapon

The team discuss Brett Kavanaugh, the rise of the ‘democratic socialists’ and the fall of the Lib Dems.

20 September 2018

Ian Buruma: victim of Sexual McCarthyism

The ousting of the NYRB editor confirms MeToo is now a witch-hunt.

7 September 2018

The stupidity of banning Bannon

The spiked team talks Steve Bannon, Labour anti-Semitism and the new Nike ad.

6 September 2018

The New Yorker’s Steve Bannon self‑own

He calls the media snowflakes. And what do they do? Ban him.

3 September 2018

Now we know: ‘the resistance’ is the establishment

John McCain‘s funeral exposed the cynicism of Anti-Trumpism.

28 August 2018

Migration is not to blame for Mollie Tibbetts’ murder

Right-wing scaremongering doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

27 August 2018

The whitewashing of John McCain

For some people, being anti-Trump absolves you of all other sins.

22 August 2018

Trump and his ‘best people’

You can only defeat Donald Trump in the court of public opinion.

15 August 2018

Where are all the white supremacists?

The pathetic Unite the Right rally shows white supremacy is dead.

13 August 2018

No, an invitation to debate isn’t a catcall

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s response to Ben Shapiro was ludicrous.