14 September 2018

‘Facebook groups are not full of hate’

Jamie Bartlett on how the Online Forums Bill threatens internet freedom.

7 September 2018

‘Swedish politicians have abandoned the nation’

Historian Lars Tragardh on the rise of the Sweden Democrats.

31 August 2018

‘A drink or two a day won’t kill you’

David Spiegelhalter on the dangers of health scare stories.

24 August 2018

‘It’s black kids who suffer most from the victim narrative’

Tony Sewell on cultural appropriation and what is really holding back black kids.

3 August 2018

‘This is just a smear campaign’

The IEA’s Mark Littlewood on Greenpeace’s ‘exposé’.

27 July 2018

‘I trust Jeremy on Brexit more than I trust the Tories’

Kate Hoey talks to spiked about No Deal, deselection and democracy.

7 September 2017

‘You should never feel guilty about what you eat’

Anthony Warner on the ‘bullshit’ of health-food fanaticism.

15 August 2017

‘Really all you want is a laugh, and you’ll do anything to get that’

Improv king Colin Mochrie on his fans, TV censors and why Brits are more fun.

26 January 2017

‘I had no option but to fight for the truth’

Deborah Lipstadt on Denial, David Irving and free speech.

‘I’m taking on the establishment, and they hate me for it’

Nigel Farage on consensus, conformism and the virtue of dissent.