Religion and atheism

Religion and atheism

17 August 2018

‘We can’t let the Islamists win’

Qanta Ahmed on what the Boris/burqa storm reveals about the rise of Islamism.

15 August 2018

Identity politics has conquered the Westminster bubble

The anti-Semitism / Islamophobia spat is another Culture War stand-off.

9 August 2018

Who’s really racist – Boris or his critics?

It is the refusal to criticise certain groups that smacks of racism.

9 August 2018

Boris burqa row: another excuse to bash Brexit voters

Remainer elitists are hiding their prejudices behind a veil.

7 August 2018

Boris’s burqa-bashing is not ‘Islamophobic’

Ring-fencing Islamic culture from criticism has created a new intolerance.

18 April 2018

We need to talk about Muslim anti‑Semitism

The UK’s Chief Rabbi has raised a thorny but important issue.

28 February 2018

Stop this moral crusade against circumcision

Iceland is considering a ban on male circumcision – that would be a travesty.

15 November 2017

Now universities police speech off campus

Watch what you say on Facebook: your Uni might be watching.

8 November 2017

In praise of Luther

Germany seems embarrassed by the Reformation. It shouldn't be.