24 September 2018

Bono can’t give the EU a soul

U2 have tried, and failed, to give our technocratic age meaning.

3 September 2018

Lana Del Rey: the latest casualty of BDS censorship

Artists who perform in Israel are not agents of the Israeli state.

23 August 2018

Steel Panther: metal’s un-PC heroes

The ‘Pussy Melter’ controversy reveals all that’s wrong with this age.

17 August 2018

Aretha Franklin, voice of freedom

The Queen of Soul expressed a new optimism in black America.

Who’s afraid of the N-word?

No, singing along to the N-word in a rap song doesn’t make you racist.

17 May 2018

#MuteRKelly: now it’s #MeToo vs music

Throwing alleged sex pests off Spotify playlists is a mockery of justice.

‘This is America’: a masterclass in ambiguity

Donald Glover’s viral hit is vague enough to suit everyone’s politics.

27 April 2018

Treating Kanye like an Uncle Tom

The reaction to his pro-Trump remarks has been deeply condescending.

20 April 2018

The problem with Kendrick Lamar winning the Pulitzer

It isn’t for high-culture awards judges to confer legitimacy on hip-hop.