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Books & Essays
21 September 2018

Germaine Greer: hardly a heretic

On Rape buys into much of today’s misanthropic feminism.

14 September 2018

Into The Valley of the Fallen

Carlos Rojas’ newly translated 1978 novel continues to shed light on Spain’s dark history.

13 September 2018

Crashed: no light at the end of the tunnel

Ten years on, the financial crisis is still being misunderstood.

7 September 2018

What Nike and Nietzsche have in common

Both preach that it is better to ‘just do it’ than to believe in something.

30 August 2018

In defence of the nation

David Edgerton offers a compelling analysis of the rise and fall of British nationhood.

29 August 2018

Victim culture eats one of its own

The Avital Ronell scandal exposes the absurdity of the culture of complaint.

20 August 2018

VS Naipaul: his own person

The great writer rejected victimhood and lazy thinking.

10 August 2018

Whither Podemos?

On the rise and fall of Spain’s left-wing populists.

10 August 2018

The elites vs social media

Why our rulers lost faith in the digital dawn.

10 August 2018

Democracy’s shadow

Populism emerges when people want more from politics.