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Books & Essays
14 June 2004

Construction and transport: Victorian Britain lives on

Risk-aversion, short-termism and technophobia are holding back the UK’s roads, railways and buildings.

1 June 2004

Postmodernity goes to war

Contemporary warfare is more about images and effects than bombs and battles.

28 May 2004

A diet of hysteria

A new book suggests that the panic about obesity has been super-sized.

A brief history of bollocks

Francis Wheen talks to Brendan O'Neill about creationism, McDonald's and the new anti-Enlightenment.

24 February 2004

Why humans are superior to apes

The fashion for equating chimps with children is based on a degraded view of humanity and an ignorance about animals.

29 July 2003

The children who won’t grow up

Peter Pan-demonium, kidults, boomerang kids.... A sociologist examines the phenomenon of lost boys and girls hanging out on the edge of adulthood.

19 June 2003

Harry Potter and The Meaning of Life

Our obsession with the boy wizard reveals the dark side of cultural infantilism.

22 August 2002

Of lice and men

Meet the Professor of European Thought who thinks humans are a plague on the planet.