18 September 2018

Tom Watson’s dodgy diet advice

He did well to shed seven stone. If only he’d now shed the fearmongering.

11 September 2018

Down with compulsory calorie‑counting!

Now the government wants to lecture us when we eat out.

30 August 2018

Eat more meat

Why veganism can be bad for your health.

21 August 2018

The cultural appropriation jerks

Why Jamie Oliver was right not to apologise.

13 July 2018

In defence of Tony the Tiger

Banning cereal-box cartoons is pointless and paternalistic.

13 June 2018

Jeremy Corbyn’s junk politics

His support for Jamie Oliver is in keeping with his paternalistic outlook.

11 June 2018

Anthony Bourdain: a lust for life

The celebrity chef was a breath of fresh air in our killjoy era.

1 June 2018

Veganism and the politics of purity

The rise of militant veganism reflects our misanthropic age.

15 May 2018

Sadiq Khan, London’s paternalist-in-chief

London has a lot of problems; burger ads isn't one of them.

8 March 2018

Putting the nation on a diet

Health busybodies want to force their killjoy ways on the rest of us.