3 November 2015

Employee happiness is none of your business

Companies should butt out of their employees' emotions.

31 July 2013

Measuring smiles?
How sad

Time to stop this political obesession with the public’s happiness.

8 January 2013

Happiness is... learning to live with TINA

The politics of happiness encourages us to accept our lot, breathing life back into the patronising idea that you can be ‘poor but happy’.

16 January 2012

Ignore these pedlars of panic – the kids are all right

Report after report tells us that children are sad, lost and in need of expert intervention. Real-world evidence suggests otherwise.

13 April 2011

Dumbing down the idea of happiness

Under the guise of promoting ‘wellbeing’, the government and advocacy groups are indulging in lifestyle modification.

30 April 2009

At least the recession will ‘slow down London’

Why the well-heeled, slow-witted campaigners of the Slow Movement are welcoming the economic downturn.

27 February 2008

You cannot teach people to be happy

Forget force-feeding kids ‘positive psychology’: teachers have more chance of producing happy pupils if they inspire them with knowledge.

7 August 2006

Who’s happiest: Denmark or Vanuatu?

When two different countries can top two different happiness surveys in the same month, you know there’s something dodgy about happy stats.

31 May 2006

Measuring happiness: a fool’s errand

Why psychologists on the hunt for a 'happiness index' have returned empty-handed.

23 May 2006

Why the ‘politics of happiness’ makes me mad

If you’re unhappy with state-sponsored happiness programmes, clap your hands.