Mental health
Mental health

Mental health

19 September 2018

Let’s be honest about suicide

Suicide is not the grave threat to young men that activists claim it is.

13 August 2018

Sam Gyimah: the minister for philistinism

The HE minister thinks universities should parent rather than educate.

8 August 2018

How feminism makes life harder for girls

Girls are stressed because they’re constantly told to expect the worst.

8 August 2018

No, we are not addicted to smartphones

The idea that we’re at the mercy of Silicon Valley is an elitist myth.

2 August 2018

Antidepressants are not the answer

We are in danger of medicalising everyday struggles.

11 July 2018

The myth of social-media addiction

No, we aren’t all slaves to our timelines.

4 July 2018

There is no such thing as ‘gaming disorder’

We are in danger of stigmatising a perfectly harmless hobby.

27 June 2018

There is no campus suicide epidemic

Official statistics show that student suicides are, thankfully, very rare.

Why do students want to be treated like children?

In the past, students fought for independence – now they want protection.

Stop playing politics with student suicides

Suicides on campus are shocking and tragic – and, thankfully, rare.