18 September 2018

Tom Watson’s dodgy diet advice

He did well to shed seven stone. If only he’d now shed the fearmongering.

11 September 2018

Down with compulsory calorie‑counting!

Now the government wants to lecture us when we eat out.

31 August 2018

‘A drink or two a day won’t kill you’

David Spiegelhalter on the dangers of health scare stories.

29 August 2018

Anti-FGM activists demean women

FGM fearmongers assume that parents are incapable of changing their attitudes.

28 August 2018

Have a drink and enjoy your life

Prohibitionists can’t decide for us how to live well.

27 August 2018

Now they’re blaming populism for measles

Rejecting the politics of expertise is different to rejecting experts.

21 August 2018

This had nothing to do with racism

Dr Bawa-Garba was struck off because she was incompetent.

13 July 2018

In defence of Tony the Tiger

Banning cereal-box cartoons is pointless and paternalistic.

28 June 2018

Gosport: the scandal of undervaluing human life

‘Shortening lives’ is what happens when we see people as inconvenient.

27 June 2018

The problem with Scotland’s war on smoking

SNP plans for a ‘tobacco-free’ nation smack of petty authoritarianism.